Mother’s Day

I had a lovely day yesterday with all of my special people.  Eric had to leave in the morning to fly to Florida but not before he and Mette brought me coffee in bed and lots of beautiful flowers.  While he was airport bound Rachel (whose husband was also out of town) and I took all four of our kids to Cherry Alley for brunch.  It was lovely and the kids were quite good.  We went to their house to play for a bit after brunch which was lovely.  Rachel and I even got to lounge on the couch for a while which was nice.


The kids and I spent the rest of the day hanging out around the house.  They put on various plays for me and sang me lots of silly songs.  Otto even offered to help cook dinner, and DID actually help.  It was a wonderful day.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been if eric was there, but he was flying to see his own mother which was equally as important.


I snagged a few photos from eric’s camera to share with you.  It has been a busy past few weeks as eric’s class wound to a end and school winds down for the kids.  There are concerts, book fairs, field trips, you name it, all happening now.  And, somehow even though it’s the end of the cold season we were struck with a nasty stomach virus and fever.  Gross!  It seems tobe gone now.  Thankfully!




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