Fall is in the air.  Leaves are starting to turn and the new school year has started.  Yesterday Mette started with her first day of Pre-K.  She now goes to school every afternoon.  She is so excited to finally be in the all exciting afternoon class.  She can remember when Otto was in Pre-K making this the first year she is going to school like Otto that she can remember.  There is no drama sending Mette to school.  No tears, no hesitation, she is just gone.  You have to be quick to get a hug and a kiss from her before she is off in a gaggle of girls building, drawing, painting, making.DSC_1426

I managed to get a few photos of her before we headed out the door.  She is not always the most cooperative with photos when she knows you want to take them, but I got some winners this year.




Ask her to smile and you never know what you are going to get!




Two weeks ago, at the end of August, Otto started First grade.  He was excited and nervous and any kid would be.  Change is hard for Otto and going from the summer of constant mom and family time to getting on the big bus and heading off to school is a tough transition.  There were tears for the first few days but each day when he comes home he says he has had a wonderful day, he just misses us and wants to be home.  Actually I think the fact that Mette started school this week has helped him a lot.  I am sure part of it was that Mette got to stay home with me and he had to go to school.  Now that she is also going to school he seems to feel a bit better about it.  She on the other hand was a total pain in the butt his first few days of school.  She so clearly missed having him around and the only way she could think to handle that emotion was to spend the entire day getting into trouble.  She is not usually that destructive or troublesome but the first few days of school for Otto were tough.

Otto on his first day of school.  Mette needed to be in the picture too.



and no, before someone asks, Mette does not need glasses now, she just likes wearing fake ones from time to time.


Otto was a little nervous at the bus stop but he did well.  He is such a sweet sensitive little guy.  I can’t believe how much he has grown.  It’s nice though, he still comes home and wants to snuggle and hang out.  The other morning he woke up early and crawled into bed with eric and I and his Lego magazine and wanted to read and snuggle.  I am glad he is not too big for that yet.



Speaking of reading, this boy can read.  It is totally awesome. He reads anything and everything in sight.  He really enjoys encyclopedias and any book about Lego, space or the ocean.  He reads piles of books in bed at night and is often found reading books to Mette.  Both eric and I swell with pride watching him enjoy reading as much as he does.  And, not to be outdone, Mette has started sounding out words and reading short simple words.  It’s pretty awesome.



And then there is just adorable Mette with her hair curled for a wedding we went to last month.  Pretty fantastic.


This summer was a total whirl wind, though tons of fun.  Somehow despite trying to have a easy year we seem to be beyond busy this semester.  Both kids are doing soccer which is awesome, and time consuming.  Otto is starting allergy shots to help combat seasonal allergies.  Twice a week Mette and I pick him up from school and take him for a shot where we have to then sit there for 30 minutes to make sure he doesn’t have a reaction.  Soon we won’t have to go twice a week, but for right now it is exhausting.  Then Otto has OT once a week to work on hand writing, eric has screening for work, it’s crazy around here.  Still, we are having fun and the kids seem to be doing quite well.


We have our first soccer games this weekend.  I will try and get some photos of that up soon.



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