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This is FUN!

On Sunday Eric only had to work a “little” (9:30-11) so after lunch we headed to Harrisburg to take the kids to the science museum. They have some fun exhibits the kids and enjoy plus the website showed they were hosting a holiday train and tree exhibit. It turned out to be a wonderful kid fun filled laid back day. I never thought i would use all those adjectives together like that, but I am, and I mean it. Both otto and mette had a wonderful time playing in the small kids section and the trains were a huge hit.
mette was having a lot of fun in the water table especially with the pink smok.

Next to the train exhibit was a small track with the kind of trains that the kids power by turning pedals with your hands. Mette was not big enough to do it herself, but since it wasn’t crowded they let Otto push her around the track. It was seriously hard to Otto to do but he muscled her around more than once. She thought it was the coolest thing ever.

We all enjoyed looking at the model trains. They had a nice display with lots of different trains styles and scenery.

The next Dr. Faden maybe be an M.D.. When one of the museum workers asked her to chech their heart she promptly put the stethoscope on the heart sticker where the ear piece meets the cord. I was pretty impressed that she figured that out.

She wanted me to take a lot of deep breathes. She was also asking where our doctor was. Considering the fact that we all got flu shots last week and mette still tells me “I was shot” I was just glad she didn’t seem traumatized. Though as usual, she didn’t shed a tear and was pretty much fine with the whole thing and it took a second nurse and me to hold down Otto while he screamed to hard he didn’t even notice the shot.

On the way home we stopped at Friendly’s for what was i am sure an all local, organic dinner. Sometimes you have to live it up! It was, not surprising, very popular. The kids were having a great time and being very good through dinner but the ice cream really made the day. The each had a scoop with sprinkles, M&Ms, whipped cream and a cherry. Let’s just say there wasn’t much taking going on and a whole lot of smiles. Mette stopped eating long enough to declare “this is FUN! Its a birthday party”. Seriously, if you can make someone that happy with some pink sprinkles and a little candy, it is hard not to do it all the time.

Another highlight to the day, despite not napping at all on schedule and having ice cream and candy after dinner, they were so whooped they were asleep before their normal bedtime.

Yeah, it was pretty much the best Sunday we have had in a long time.
how was your weekend?

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1.5 years

For starters, I would like to say that I have no idea how Mette is a year and a half since she was just a tiny baby a few weeks ago. On that note, I don’t understand why she can’t tie her shoes herself since she seems to run the rest of the household just fine.

On Monday when I took the walking germ factories to the doctor it was actually for Mette’s 18 month appointment. It seemed a bit unfair to hide her accomplishments in a blog post about Otto learning how to take bong hits so I am adding them here. Not surprising at all, she is healthy and doing well, and tiny!! Kids are supposed to follow a curve on this chart thingy (based on white bottle fed babies in the Boston suburbs of the 1960’s, so you know, super accurate and well researched). Mette seems to be making her own curve. At her nine month check up she weighed 20.6 lbs. This Monday, she weighed 21 lbs. Normally babies gain more than < 1 lbs. in a year+ time. But not all babies go from Mette the Hutt to Miss Skinny Minny as fast as she did. Once that girl was moving all the chunk was gone. She is also on the low side for height 45%ish but that is pretty understandable considering who her parents are. Our doctor who has four kids herself and is pretty hep to kids asked "what size clothes is she wearing, she is so cute". Well let's see, the top is a 6 month t-shirt from last year and those are 12 month pants that are a bit on the big side. Yeah, she is kind of a peanut. But a really cute peanut. What she is lacking in size she makes up for in vocabulary. By 18 months they like to see 4-10 words, Mette has 4-10 words to tell you she wants a snack, and now. She doesn't stop talking. Now when she is demanding down from the table and you ask her how to ask nicely, thinking all you will get is "please" she comes back with "I want to get down……PEAS!". That's the other thing, she totally understands pronouns and uses the correctly. Otto, who also talked very early had a hard time with that while she totally gets it. Mine, yours, I, you, we, she gets it and uses them to explain just how she wants things done. Should you not understand her, or not be able to execute her desires that very second, watch out! The temper on this small one is fierce. She throws a fit and holds a grudge like nothing I have ever experienced before. In many ways it is really funny, and scary a the same time. She will grow out of that, right????

All in all we had a great visit, she passed with flying colors and managed to avoid getting shots. Since they both had colds (which seem to be almost gone, thank goodness) we decided to wait with the shots. Next week when they are both feeling better we will go back for the good stuff.

oh, and the stats, Mette is 31 inches tall and weighs 21 pounds. Her head is tiny, her vocabulary, large. At eighteen months I can now say she sleeps through the night and is weaned, both a miracle as far as I am concerned!

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Slow day in the E.R.

you read that right, we spent our quiet sunday in the E.R.. Well, actually is was really just Otto and eric, but still. Otto and Mette have both been sharing a cold for the past few days which really hasn’t been too bad. We have been very lucky, all summer long we were cold free so I knew we had it coming. Saturday we did our best to keep the kids calm and enjoy a low key day. We went for a few walks with them in the stroller so they could at least enjoy the beautiful weather and get some fresh air. Saturday night Otto couldn’t sleep because he couldn’t stop coughing. This happens a lot when he gets colds, it happen to me all the time as a kid and my Dad as well. He comes by it honestly. In an effort not to have Mette wake up Otto came to bed with me and Eric slept on the couch in the library next to our room. At 5am when Mette woke up he went to comfort her and spent the next few hours of sleep in Otto’s bed. It was available and is quite comfy. It has been a long time since eric had such a wild night of sleeping in three beds 🙂 Otto didn’t get any sleep during the night but did want to take a nap at 8 in the morning. We were all in favor. It wasn’t until after his nap and he had some Motrin that he came downstairs. That was when I noticed he could hardly breathe and was wheezing like Darth Vador. We called the doctor, but of course since it was Sunday (the only time kids ever really get sick, well that or Christmas Day) they told us to take him to the E.R. Eric packed up Otto, Blankie, Baby Alligator, the iPad and his computer and off they went. Luckily it wasn’t too crowded so they weren’t there too long. They took chest x-rays to rule out pneumonia. It took three nurses, one of which was a large male nurse to hold him down for the x-rays. I’ll let you guess how that went. They listened to him breathe a lot and determined that really all he had was a cold but it was triggering asthma which was why he couldn’t breathe. They sent eric home with a nebulizer and lots of prescriptions. They also decided he had an ear infection and thought he needed steroids. The nebulizer is amazing, there is just no other way to put it. I suffered through many, many, MANY sleepless nights as a child sitting next to a vaporizer trying to breathe when I had a cold. It was terrible and listening to Otto cough all night every time he has a cold is equally as painful and sleep depriving. Before Otto went to bed last night he did a dose of the nebulizer and slept the entire night through without coughing once. It was a miracle as far as I am concerned. Now, as far as the making Otto breathe part it is amazing, but I have to say, a certain Cyprus Hill song comes to mind every time we turn it on. I actually found myself saying to Otto tonight, “try and suck in all the smoke and blow it out slowly”. Not something I ever thought I would be saying to my three year old.

Despite all the drama on Sunday, both Otto and Mette seem to be doing well. Mette’s cold has never turned into quite the extreme case Otto’s was and he is already feeling MUCH better. In fact the hard part now is getting him to lay low. I took them both to the doctor today and she confirmed that he is doing well. She also thinks they thought he had in ear infection because he had been crying so much (remember the x-rays) because his ears looked fine today. We are still going to continue the antibiotics for a few days to be on the safe side, but won’t do the full ten days. I also asked her about the steroids. Many of you who read this blog knew me 7 or 8 years ago when I was having a bad run with migraines. Turns out I am allergic to all the good migraine meds. I ended up having to do two rounds of steriods and it was not pretty. I gained 20lbs in 8 weeks, I was no joke crazy and mean. I twitched with energy, couldn’t sit still and had to endure a constant sound track of circus music. It was not a good thing. You can imagine my great concern when they wanted to give Otto steroids. If they really were necessary I would do it, but I wanted to talk to our doctor before continuing the doses. Luckily she thought he was find and didn’t need them because really, I can’t think of anything much worse than a three year old on steroids.
Even though this weekend didn’t really go like I had planned, I would still say it was a nice weekend. In fact, on Sunday after eric and Otto got home and the kids were down for their naps, I met a friend and we walked around a little antique mall a block away and spoke in complete sentences without kids. It was quite glorious. We even st0pped for grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries in the little diner there, complete with an Itty Bitty Hot Fudge Sundae. I love having pregnant friends. I even scored an adorable 50’s love seat for $15!! Pictures to follow soon.

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To be entirely honest, Mette doesn’t look anything like I thought she would. The surgeon told us there could be a lot of bruising, her eye could swell shut. This is all she has….

Five clean little stitches. No bruise and no swelling. Don’t take it the wrong way, I am very happy about this. But I can’t help thinking a bit more drama would have made for a better photo shoot.

The stitches look like they are doing well. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by them which is great. We go to have them taken out on Monday. Eric is in an all day conference that day, lucky him. I think I will find someone to watch Otto so he doesn’t see his sister totally freak out which is what I think is going to happen. I don’t remember much from pre-second grade, but I remember having 7 stitches removed from my head when I was not too much older than Mette.

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Today was Mette’s big surgery. All went well thankfully and she is now asleep in her bed. We had two bats in the house last night (got to love old houses by the river) at 3:30 and I never got back to sleep so I will share the story tomorrow when I am less zombie like. I do however have some great shots from last night at the park and this morning,

We went to the park last night after dinner and Mette insisted on wearing sunglasses. Possibly the best look yet!

The girl can rock her fashion choices, that’s for sure.

This is Mette all ready for surgery this morning. They gave her a “cocktail” to make her drowsy so she wouldn’t care that she was being taking to the OR. It did the trick by making her pretty loopy. All she wanted to do was watch Backyardigans. Thank goodness for the iPad.

You can see the cyst over her left eye which they removed.

She has five stitches which will have to be removed next week. There is much less swelling and bruising than we expected which is nice. In fact she looks pretty good. The drugs that they use to put kids under has the lovely side effect of making them cranky until it is really out of their system a day later. Because of that i didn’t take any pictures today post-op. I’ll get some tomorrow when she isn’t as mean 🙂

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Where were we?

Sometimes I worry that this blog will look like a visual version of a playgroup conversation. For those of you not familiar with “conversations” that take place when there are upwards of 10 small children ranging in age from one year to 4 where everyone is talking at the same time and disagreements can end in hitting are biting so they must be monitored very closely, let’s just say that many ideas are started never to be finished. Every Wednesday once I feed and get the children to bed after playgroup I sit and think about all the things I started to say to someone only to be interrupted along with all the what sounded like they would have been interesting stories I heard fragments of but never really got the whole thing. It is the same with the blog, in the evening when my mind is finally free to wander I find myself writing long posts with funny interludes and great stories. The problem is I am usually in the shower or already in the bed, no where that I could actually capture the thoughts and but them in a safe place for a later post. I need a voice recorder for my inner thoughts. Can someone invent that for me? Thanks.

There are a lot of things to catch you up on so forgive me if this is a hodgepodge list of accomplishments and stories.
Where to start…. how about swimming lessons? Otto has been taking swimming lessons every morning, this is his second week. He goes with eric which is a nice special time they get to spend together just the two of them. We were hesitant to sign him up for classes because he gets very overwhelmed in group settings and I was fearful of him getting scared of the water because he was scared of the class. Then we went to a pool party at a friends house and he was terrified of the water. That sealed the deal, he was going to be scared with or without the classes so I thought we better try. Learning to swim is something that i think you HAVE to do. The thought of an older kid who can’t swim scares me a bit. Plus, I am like a fish in the water and I am really looking forward to having many a long summer day with the kids at the pool and in order for that to happen they need to learn how to swim. I fully thought that Otto wouldn’t go near the pool and would be terrified in the class but he has surprised us and is doing great!! All of the other kids in the class have taken the class before which I actually think is good because he gets a chance to see the other kids doing stuff without being scared. Each class he is more and more brave but the best part is he loves swim class. He is excited to go everyday and tells me “it was GREAT” everyday when he gets home. Eric is pretty sure that if enough treats were offered he would swim underwater across the whole pool. I am fine with him being motivated by a piece of candy at the end of class from the teacher if it means that he pushes his boundaries and tries new things. After this week he has a week off then we will starts two more weeks of class to finish off the summer. I think that we will try a program over the winter as well to keep the momentum going. Perhaps Mette will try some too. Something tells me she would LOVE swim class!
In more Otto news, he a had a complete allergy testing done a few weeks ago. We needed to check his peanut levels so he had an appointment with the allergist but I also wanted to get him tested for seasonal allergies because he seemed to be very sniffly lately. There is a lot of talk that SPD can be caused by allergies or at least aggravated by them so I wanted to get any allergies he might have in check. Eric is allergic to quite a bit so it would stand to reason that Otto may be as well. He tested positive to dust mites, trees, grass, cats, cockroaches and ragweed. The allergist said as long as we keep the cats out of his room (which we have always done) that it shouldn’t be a problem. He asked what Otto’s reaction to the cats was, which is nothing unless he actually lays on them, then he wants to rub off the cat hair. He doesn’t get a rash, he doesn’t itch, he eyes don’t burn or run and his nose doesn’t run. So for now the cats are staying, but if his allergies become worse we will have to think about new homes for them. I am going to ignore that for now, good old Storb repression at it’s finest! The dust mites we can and have done something about. I have been washing ALL of his bedding down to his new allergy protective mattress and pillow protectors, along with Mette’s in hot water and running them through the dryer, normally I would line dry them. This includes blankies, alligator and mun-key which requires quite a bit of planning on my part. I order an all natural laundry additive so I won’t have to use hat water or the dryer which will be nice. I am all for killing dust mites, but the environmental impact of all that hot water and dryer time is a bit much. I also ordered a earth friendly, plant based spray for the furniture and rugs to use between steam cleaning that should kill dust mites as well as neutralize pet dander. Uncle Ben, all of this should be good for you too! 🙂 Just in case you were thinking you would google dust mites to learn a little bit more about them, I would like to stop you. Take a minute and think about how prepared you are to change how you look at everything in your house that is made of fabric. You also need to think about how you feel with bugs crawling on you all the time. If only someone had warned me before I started googling. There really should be a page that blocks you from learning too much about something that is totally going to freak you out. Needless to say, Otto’s bed is not the only one that is getting the FULL weekly cleaning. And I should add, I always changed the sheets every week, but I do so much more now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Right now, while the grass allergies are high we are giving him children’s Zyrtek in the morning. It works great and makes a big difference. The allergist said when ragweed hits we might need something stronger but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. He also thinks that Otto may be growing out of his peanut allergy which 10-20% of kids do. That would be AWESOME!!! He is going to do a blood profile in 6 months to see if his levels are going down. We know now that small amounts of peanut don’t cause immediate anaphylaxis shock which is great, but the less I have to worry when sending him out in world, the better.
Speaking of sending him out into the real world, he starts preschool this fall! I can’t believe it. The week after Labor Day he will be going every Tuesday and Thursday morning. I don’t know what I will do with myself.
And now Mette. Mette, Mette, Mette my darling. First, she is scheduled for her plastic surgery to remove the cyst above her eye on the 3rd of August. We had the pre-op last week and she has been cleared for take off. We have to be there at 6 in the morning so my mom is coming the night before to hang out with Otto while we are at the hospital. It should be a very simple procedure and we should be home by lunch. There is a chance that she will have a black eye with some swelling for a while but other than that she will be the same. Let’s hope all of that goes well.
Mette is an adorable little stinker. She throws a temper tantrum complete with throwing herself on the floor screaming, tears, holding out her hand and yelling stop, the works, when you kindly remind her not to eat books. It is a bit intense here these days. I keep telling myself that it is just a phase and it won’t last forever, but WOW, she is a drama queen! She is also insanely charming and sweet so that helps her last through the day. She is in a big mommy phase and me leaving the room and/or other people looking at her is often enough to send her over the edge. In her defense she has cut three molars in the last two weeks and there may be more teeth coming but I am too scared to stick my fingers in there to be sure. These teeth are ones she has been working on, no lie, since last Christmas. It has been a long road. The past few weeks there have been many tears, some fevers and diarrhea but I think they are finally cutting through and not going back up, I hope.
The other news from Metteville is the potty. I am hesitant to write about it, but here it goes. I am also fully aware and fine with the fact that this may turn into nothing. For a while now she has been interested in sitting on the potty and she has pooped once or twice on the potty and there has been the occasional pee but really most of the time she sits there for one millisecond and pops up and announces “done!”. But as of last evening and this morning she has been peeing an pooping on the potty with only two small mistakes. I have just had her in a t-shirt and nothing else around the house to make it easier. A couple of the times she has said potty and ran over and peed. Often I ask her if she needs to go and when she sits on the potty she pees. She thinks it is very exciting. With Otto, he was 2 1/2 which was very early for a boy, but he still got it in a weekend. With Mette only being 17 months old I am sure that I will have to ask her about 100 times a day if she needs to go potty for it to take and it still may not. But regardless, I haven’t changed a stinky diaper in a while so that rocks!
As for me. I am doing well. A bit on the tired side, but who isn’t really. It has been crazy hot which I hate. It is cooler today but really anything above 75 I am not too fond of. I am already dreaming of fall. I have been working of a few small projects but mainly just trying to keep up with laundry and cleaning. It seems like a never ending quest.
So that’s the news from our side of town, how are you?


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Mette’s 2 week check-up

Today was Mette’s two week check-up.  Eric stayed home with Otto while the girls went to the doctor.  Mette was quite good through the whole experience and charmed all the nurses.  When she was born she was 6 lbs. 10 oz. and 18 inches long.  When we left the hospital on monday she was 6 lbs. 4 oz. since they always loose some weight at first.  By the time we went back for the post partum check-up on wednesday, two days later, she weighed 6 lbs. 8 oz.  She was well on her way to getting back to her birth weight by the two week mark.  That is the desired goal from the doctors.  Today, at two days past two weeks, she weighed, are you sitting down?, 7 lbs. 13 oz..  She is huge!  She is also 21 inches long.  The nurse measured her 5 times to make sure she got it right. She said sometimes when they are first born it can be hard to stretch them out fully so they can measure a bit short, but still, she grew over two whole inches in two weeks!!!  I knew that she had been nursing a lot, for a long time each time and very intently, but I had no idea she was packing on the pounds like that.  I am not complaining though, it means I can eat whatever I want.  Well, I have been a bit sore from all the nursing which makes me complain some… but on the whole the system is working well.  You an call me the dairy princess.

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