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convo with otto

Me:  Otto, you can’t wear that shirt, it’s dirty.

Otto:  (in extreme disgust) Mom!!  Why do you care if my clothes are clean??

Me:  Otto, it has oatmeal smeared all over the front.

Otto:  MOOOOM!!!  UGH!!!

*** the question is, why do I care?  Because I have to look at your dirty shirt if you wear it?  Because I am trying to teach you good hygiene habits?  Because I am trying to establish control?  Should I just chill?  These are all things I need to reflect on, but for now***

Me:  Just go change your shirt, that’s gross.


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Prince Charmin

Today the kids were playing one of their many games of Cinderella.  Mette has the shoes and the dress ready to go at all times in case any impromptu games form.


As is often the case, Mette came into the room carrying her dress, dressed in underwear only having previously stripped off what was easily the third outfit of the morning, it was not even 9 a.m..  She requested help getting her dress on because she was going to be Cinderella since she has the perfect dress, of course.  Otto came in the room and said,

“I am going to be the prince.  I am perfect for the part.  One, I am a boy.  Two, I have one of the shirts (hands smoothing down over said shirt) with the buttons

so you can see their chest.  Princes wear shirts like this, don’t they mama?  Polo shirts are good for Princes, yeah, so you can see their chests, or is it my



There is only one answer to that question.  YES, Princes always wear polo shirts so you can see their chests.  Of course!!!


They then went off to dance and then act out the scene where the clock strikes 12 and Mette runs off dropping a shoe while Otto runs after her yelling “but wait, I didn’t catch your name!”


A few months ago Mette requested that Grandpa build her a stage.  I thought it was funny, but the more I watch them play the more I think they would really love one.  When we get back this summer one of my goals is to rework the third floor to make it work better for them as they get older.  I was hoping to build (er, have grandpa build 🙂 ) a larger dress-up box with hooks and a mirror.  I think perhaps I will try to make a stage type area.  As well as designing a new and improved LEGO station and a bigger craft and play kitchen area.


Today Otto is a bit sniffly and has a bit of a cold so we are laying low.  We walked to the grocery store (a good walk for little legs), got stamps so we can finally mail the thank you cards we wrote, got a smoothie treat and headed home.  Now we are going to lay around the flat and enjoy a slow day.  I am hoping to get some cooking done and lounging.  I am glad they are feeling slower today because I got up early and went to the gym today and I will be honest, I am feeling a bit slow too.  I anticipate not being able to walk up or down stairs tomorrow.  A feeling that hurts so good!


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She would be so cool in middle school

Tonight in the bath:

Otto: Mette, what kind of creature is Yoda?

Mette: uhmmmm, a Jedi Master.

Keep in mind she will not be two until Feb..

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Washing Chewbacca

We bathe our children in our bathroom because we have a huge wonderful old tub in a room where every wall is covered in tile almost five feet up. It is perfect for splashing and sudsing. They take a bath together every night and despite the fact that they have plenty of room to spread out, they usually sit touching knees or backs the whole time. They really love taking baths together and the being right next to each other rarely ends in tears. I am touching everything wood while I write this. In fact they have started playing together a lot lately. They make up games and chase each other squealing with delight. It is the greatest thing ever.

Otto is obsessed with STAR WARS lately. He hasn’t seen the movie but he has some of my brothers old 12″ figures and lots of plot stories from Eric. He has given it his own twist, fx. in his role playing c3po and the stormtroopers are friends. Today I over heard this conversation while Luke and Obi-wan were chasing each other.

Obi-wan(mette)- Oh no, my light saber is broken
Luke(Otto)- that’s ok, I can fix it
Luke fixes K-Nex homemade light saber we now all carry
Obi-wan- thanks Luke

Running like crazy people continues

They are too much sometimes.

Last night in the bath Obi-wan (who is now Otto, you have to stay on your toes with the roll playing and who is who though Otto is quick to correct you) wanted to give Chewbacca (mette) a bath. Washing Otto every night is often a challenge as having water poured on him is more sensory input then he can often handle, Mette does not have this problem. I told him it was fine as long as Mette liked it.

She LOVED it.

She let him pour repeated bowls of water on her until she was soaked and laughing!

Even when the whole was dumped on her face, she was cool. I love how you can see Otto, I’m sorry, Obi-wan’s, tongue sticking out and a hint of the huge smile he had showing he was loving this too.

He then asked Chewie to stick out her tongue so her could make a waterfall.

She kindly obliged.

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A picture is worth a 1,000 words

For over two weeks now Otto has not been napping. We are working on quiet time and some days are more successful than others. He spends quiet time in the library with a few toys, many books, comfy blankets and cozy places to snuggle. After a crazy morning and hectic lunchtime I was very much looking forward to a quiet quiet time where i could get something done. That didn’t happen. Mette had a hard time falling asleep and Otto was bouncing off the walls. He was quiet for a while and I madly threw something together for dinner and prepared to fold laundry and clean downstairs, that’s when I smelled it. Our living room is directly under the library and down the open stairwell was wafting the unmistakable smell of nail polish. I should say that i paint my nails axp. three times a year and have a few colors stashed here and there. I pay no mind to where they are since i never use them. Until now. I followed my nose and found Otto in the library looking like this.

I did a quick survey and found the carpet, couch and chair all to be free of paint. Then I started laughing because what else can you do at this point? My biggest regret is the fact that the color is a fleshy color and you can’t really see it in the pictures. Trust me, the better part of his face is covered. Both cheeks and a big swipe across the forehead. When I asked him how he thought we should get it off he responded with “mommy, I don’t want to take it off, I think i look stylish”. I am going to ply him with netflix and attempt to wipe it off with warm water and a washcloth.

It should be noted that two days ago while I was taking mette to the potty Otto dumped an entire container of Gatorade dust on the kitchen table and made a dessert complete with cacti. He was so proud when I came in to see him.

Why do I have the feeling that this is going to be a long winter?

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Hello Again

Hi, it’s me, phoebe, mom, writer of the blog.

Did you forget about me? Sorry about that.
Things are going full speed around here. We have had a few visits from Nonna Jen on her way to and from Corning to do research work which have been a lot of fun. Do you think I managed to get any cute pictures of the kids with her? No, that would have been too much. There are some great photos of when she and Grandpa Chris were here, but we are waiting on him to post and or send them along to us. I have also been going a bit crazy on the rearranging furniture moving/painting everything in the house mode and that seriously cuts into my blogging time. The living room is all moved around and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. (said in true Eloise fashion) I am also still chipping away at painting the kids room. Man is it ever hard to paint the room they sleep in!! When they sleep is usually my time to get stuff like that done and with them sleeping IN their room, well, it just doesn’t work to paint while they are sleeping in the room.
In addition to all of this craziness eric was out of town for two big conferences which meant he was both gone and getting behind on regular work at the same time. Which means that when he was finally home he had massive amounts of work to catch up on and wasn’t around much. That is fine, we miss him of course but we get by. What it really means is I am the only one cleaning, cooking, doing dishes, taking out trash etc… I do most of the house work as is, but eric cleaning up after dinner and taking out trash and watching the kids while I tend to eight million loads of laundry and make dinner is a huge help. When he is gone by the time the kids are in bed I am spent! This past weekend was fall break for him and to celebrate finally having a break from work, he spent it in bed working while recovering from a vasectomy. So it’s official, our family will stop at four. That was always the plan, but we sealed the deal last week. He is still not up to full speed from that but should be soon.
I am thinking I better get going on the posting soon though because sometime soon my friend Rachel is going to pop out another baby (just like that, POP, wouldn’t that be great if that’s how it worked??) and I am going to want to spend a TON of time oogling and cooing over the new bundle of goodness.
So here is some news from our land:
After seeing kids get tickets to ride ponies at a fair a few weeks ago Mette now declares at random times “I ride pony my tickets!!!” It is said in a crescendo and repeated again and again.
She is also eating us out of house and home and appears by the looks of her clothes to be growing. I am going to try and measure her to see how much soon. So far today she has had:
one and a half bowls of cereal for breakfast
two cups of milk
a granola bar
5 big bites of my noodles
a kiwi
another bowl of cereal
a bowl of yogurt and granola
a fruit bar
and it is only 2 p.m. All this from the girl we never thought would eat. No worries there now.
Otto continues to love school. He has started singing the songs from school at home and it is wonderful. Eric is really going to try and bring the camera home one of these days so we can get some good footage of them. Mette is talking up a blue streak and Otto with his songs, it must be captured.
Really overall we are having a great time. Preschool and playdates are keeping us very busy and I am bursting through a series of projects around the house. I am taking a break to do somewhat boring winterizing projects and the garden needs to be “shut down” for the winter but all in all it is coming along.
I will upload some pictures soon. But for now I will leave you with this. Mette saw eric’s phone which she knows is also a camera and said, “take a picture me, I say CHEESE” and this is what he got. Gold

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For Sale

Yesterday was one of those days. A day where we seemed to be teetering on the line of holding it all together. I don’t know what to blame it on, the crappy weather, an exhausting end to the previous week followed by a busy weekend, or just plain funk, but something was amiss. Just after lunch Otto had one of the single biggest meltdowns I have ever experienced. By the time I finally got him into the guest room where he could thrash and hopefully not wake up his sister (that didn’t work but I tried) and went downstairs I was shaking with adrenaline. I have since purchased a book on raising a “strong willed child” and am making my way through it in no time. I have no desire to go head to head with Otto, or anyone else for that matter, all the time. I would much rather find a way where everyone can feel like they are in control of the situations they need to be and feels good about the general state of things. Clearly being three is hard and when you want to control things, but are still just three and can’t control everything you want to it is REALLY hard. But I can see how I need to work more on giving him things he can control and helping him when he can’t control things he wants to.

Once I started to calm down I called eric to vent and talk out the situation. There is a message board used for selling things from hairbrushes to houses at school and we always joke when things get rough that they do not have a human trafficking policy like ebay. This is of course just a joke, no matter how much they drive me crazy I still love my kids more than anything.
About 15 minutes after I got off the phone with eric I got this email from him. I made me laugh so hard I had to share it with you. I think this will be especially good to show Otto some day, perhaps when he has children of his own and can really relate. Anyone who has kids has to get to this point.
One slightly used surly 3-year-old male boy. Speaks English and R2D2. Can be sweet with the appropriate bribery. Likes race cars and soccer/mocker. Incapable of listening or following directions but comes equipped with an infinite supply of questions. May randomly snuggle or scream. Verbally witty and intrigued by lethally dangerous objects and actions. Will eat anything except what is served for dinner. Needs lots of exercise.


And to top it off, last night at dinner after I answered a question Mette asked she came back with, “but why?”. Seriously, they are trying to kill me. TWO asking why may be more than one person can handle at a time. If they start answering each others questions that will be great, but so far it hasn’t happened yet.


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