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Defending the homestead

We took a fair number of photos of the kids tonight doing the normal trick-or-treating thing.  But, in the end, there is only one photo you need to see.

The kids had a wonderful time.  This was the first year they really got it and it was a HUGE succes.  So much so that within seconds of their heads hitting the pillows they were blissfully slumbering away.  Walking around town with friends in the cool fall air will wear you out any day.  Running, yelling, jumping all over town REALLY does it.  They were great, did a pretty fantastic job of remembering to say Trick-Or-Treat and Thank You.  I promised them each a few pieces of candy when we got home and after two pieces they had each had enough.

In addition to getting candy, they were excited to GIVE it out to other kids so when we got home we sat on the front steps to greet the trick-or-treaters.  We were minding our own business when along came DARTH VADER.  Otto not skipping a beat, ran in to get his light sabor and protect us.

We had seen this family (the daughter and mother were Princess Leia and the baby was Yoda.  They had an uncle as Obi-Wan as well) around town while out earlier and Otto was a bit scared of them.  Not surprising.  The costume was AMAZING!  It looked real.  But when on his own turf he was very brave. They had a duel and swapped rebel stories.  To say it made his year may be an understatement.

I am calling this a success.  Big time.


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Costume sneak peak

Mette the Nunicorn controlling the airs.

Otto had a small parade and party with his class today.  Of course, Mette the Nunicorn joined as well.  This is just a quick teaser before we all head out to trick-or-treat around the town after dinner!!!




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Candy time

Why now that daylight saving time is just moments away are my children deciding to not nap well and get up super early? Ugh.

Oh well, on to the photos from Sunday. Remember how I mentioned Mette and her new love of chicken wings, well here she is in action.

Otto took off his driver suit for a while at the party but wore his helmut and bin jammies. I think it goes further to support the Spaceball quality of the outfit.

Group shot where Eric managed to crop out some of the kids!

Heading out on the town.

He didn’t skip a beat this year. He was looking for porch lights and ready to go!

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Halloween photos

Are coming soon. Things have been a bit crazy here and I have fallen behind in the photo department. Tomorrow evening should be much more normal and I hope to get them up then. We did have a weekend of much spooky treats.

Saturday our town holds the adorable small town event that you would think just happens in the movies. There were cupcakes, candy, costume contests and a parade.

Otto found one of his friends in here Ariel costume. They walked the entire parade holding hands. It was beyond cute.

We participated in all of it, to varying degrees. Mette took a snooze through some of it.

On Sunday we went to a neighbor’s pre-game Halloween party. We managed to get some food in both of the kids before we went out hunting for candy. We also discovered that Mette loves wings. “I like chicken. Eat it self”. Give that girl a chicken wing (dill pickle flavored no less) and she is quite happy and quiet. She cleaned two down to the bone in no time.
The kids had a great time trick-or-treating. Mette refused all costumes saying they were too small but wore her bone jammies from Ben and Shannon and was quite cute. They both were happy to come home and hand out candy as well which was fine with eric and I too! Halloween is exhausting.

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As I mentioned before, I have been moving things around a lot here. My favorite is this old letter file that I moved piece by piece while the family slept from the third floor down to the first floor. It’s like it was made to be in our living room. Once I measured it I knew it belonged on this wall. On top is a great display of some old 16mm projectors of Eric’s along with the poster from the Library of Congress tour he hosted at the Campus Theatre when he owned it. It is signed by Janet Leigh. Too cool for school my boy is!

It took five days, but Mette figured out the the drawers open. I am working on organizing all of the drawers. Once I know what each one will hold I will print out labels for all of them. With period correct fonts of course!

Crayons, paper, all the bottom drawers are for her and Otto.

This new corner has become a favorite play place. I put an old phone on the table and they both love to sit their and make calls. Mette likes to call Argentina, good thing we aren’t paying for that!

The curtain fabric is a trial but I think I need to go get more and turn it into curtains. It has movie tickets, how could I pass it up?

The kids got little pumpkins at market today and drew faces on them when we got home.

Mette saw the flash and came running. “I say CHEESE!!!”

George has been getting a lot of lovin’ lately.

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First Things First

Before you can have Thanksgiving you have to have Halloween. I have been meaning to steal photos from Grandpa Chris’s Flickr page to post here and I am only getting to it today.
So without further ado, here are photos of Otto and his entourage that weekend…

Otto made himself at home at our next door neighbor’s house. She gives out both candy and books which makes her a popular stop.

Our Abbey Road shot

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So there is a certain someone in the southern hemishpere who has been wondering about our Halloween pictures. I personally think that perhaps he is just missing the candy that comes with Halloween but I will oblige with pictures. It should be said that this is really just a tease. We took very few pictures as we had Grandpa Chris along and he was taking pictures. Just as soon as he posts his photos from the weekend, you can rest assured I will steal them and post them here for all to see.

We had a great weekend with Nona Jen and Grandpa Chris filled with laughs, yummy food, gelato and candy. Otto had a wonderful time Trick-or-Treating. He totally got the concept this year. He pushed doorbells and knocked on doors. He had no hesitation saying trick-or-treat as soon as some one came to the door. I was surprised that he was very good and only took one piece of candy each time. He hesitated just long enough to choose the best piece, but never long enough that the offer might be withdrawn. He was quite pleased with his loot and has been enjoying his special treats. Mette charmed everyone with her fierce tiger ways from the stroller and seemed to enjoy being out in the night air.

Otto and I carved this pumpkin as our lure for Trick-or-Treaters. It seemed to work well as we gave away almost all our candy.

A sneak preview of the night in action.

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