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Staying Small

There are so many songs and stories about wanting children to stay small, never grow up, keep this moment forever.


I don’t really understand that sentiment.  I love them small, sure, we all do.  But more than that, I love each new development.  Each new milestone.


I love watching them turn into people.  People who I am looking forward to watching go forth into this world and kick some ass.  -these kids will, I know it.


But this morning, with my two little ones, snuggled in my bed watching Ivanhoe (what, you don’t do that on jammie day???, silly you) I had a moment where I wanted to freeze time.


A moment where I wanted life to stay just like this.  Where animals are “amimnals” and oatmeal it “eatmeal” and triangels are “triangle-angles”.


A moment where my kisses heal all wounds.


A moment where life is complete right here with our little family.


And then we made jam together and sang silly songs and I was back to watching them grow and learn.  Together.  Laying on the living room floor, sharing a bag of pretzels, telling each other silly stories.


How could you not love this moment?


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Color Theory

As in, in theory this will work.

But I am not so sure.

I am reluctant to admit that despite how long it took to get to this stage, even if things don’t work out, the process is beautiful.

I decided it would be fun to make rock candy with Otto for him to give to his classmates for Halloween.  I may not have thought the whole process through all the way.  But, here we are.  And, it is beautiful.  So the results are lacking, but the whole process should take a week so we will check back in later with more reports.  If it works I will share a link to the recipe, but let’s see how this goes first.

Have I mentioned that Mette will now only nap in the stroller?  She falls asleep on the way home from dropping Otto off at school and, if the weather is nice I just leave her at the back door.  It’s not weird, it’s Scandinavian.  Just getting her ready for Denmark!!:)  She sleeps right through me carrying the stroller into the living room as well.  In fact it is quite a lovely set up we have going.  Speaking of set up, let’s hope the sugar crystals start to set up, because while it is beautiful, I would like something other than a whole ton of jam jars of intense sugar syrup to show for my efforts.

I’ll keep you posted….


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See you in the morning light

Mette has not let me dress her for quite sometime, but a few days ago she picked decided to dress herself in possibly the best outfit ever.

rock-n-roll glittery purple guitar shirts, hello kitty footless tights, tutu i made, frilly socks, purple shoes and pink hat.

of course, otto was interested.





there of course had to be a little STAR WARS posing.


For some reason in the past few weeks a bunch of people have asked me if I miss having job and if I am anxious to get back to work once the kids are in school.  First of all, anyone who doesn’t think this is a job should spend a day in my shoes.  Their tune would change pretty quickly would be my guess.  Seriously though, what other job let’s me do fun stuff like fairy parties, tea with storm troopers and redecorating the house into a sea of nests?


This job rocks, I have no intention of switching careers anytime soon.


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Reaping what we did not sow

Quoting grandpa, who was quoting Euell Gibbons, “reaping what you did now sow”.   This past weekend we took his example and went off into the woods to gather wild apples from the trees around the cabin.  It is clear that someone generations ago has a small orchard near the cabin.  Apple and pear trees abound, some you can even see are planted in what must have been clear rows.   These trees are as organic as it gets.  The apples they produce are amazing.  Well, some of them are.  Some, not so much.  That is the fun thing with apple trees.  You have to taste them to see what you are going to get.  In the wild, no two are the same.  Good applesauce, cider and really all things in life, are better with a nice variety.  Keeping that in mind, Otto, Grandpa and I climbed in the truck (boy did Otto love that!) and picked a TON of apples.  Otto, self named official taste tester had no less than four apples in his hands at all times.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We brought the apples home with us on Sunday and proceded to make a very large batch of applesauce.  Otto has really been enjoying learning about cooking recently, a skill I obviously want to encourage!, so he was keen to help.  I cut the apples in half, and he quartered them.  He thinks using one of my big chef knives is the coolest thing ever.  He understands it is a dangerous tool and takes it very seriously.  Mette, shows great concern with this development, and I can’t say I totally blame her.  We made a big batch and allowed it to cool off during the evening.  Today Otto took a large container to school to share with his friends for snack time.  He thought that was really cool and hopefully the kids enjoyed the yummy snack.  This morning I put a sizable dent in the remaining apples and canned 4 quarts and 6 pints.  I would say I have about 6 quarts to go.  I may need to find some homes for some of this applesauce!  I think some applesauce muffins are in order.  And, ooohh do I love buckwheat pancakes with applesauce on top.  May have to make some of those tomorrow for brunch!



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Gratuitous Cuteness

This post is of course for everyone, but especially my mom and Rachel who have been asking for pictures of the kids in the wedding.  I have axp. a million pictures but will spare you all the gory details.  Below are some of my favorites along with a few of the man and woman of the day.
The kids did amazing.  They followed direction, walked down the aisle and thanks to the beauty of iPhone’s and iPads they stayed quiet for the ceremony.  The rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception were all beautiful and wonderful.  Mette got a quick power nap in from 6 -7 pm which allowed her to stay up for the fireworks at 10:30.  Yeah, that was awesome, 🙂  At 10 she was still wide awake with the babysitter and crying to go to the party and dance.  So Eric went down to relieve the babysitter and I took Mette upstairs to the party.  It was midnight until she went to sleep.  Despite that, she was up at 6:28 wanting to go back and dance.  
Despite all of that, we had a wonderful time.
Here they are getting ready to get on the bus to the rehearsal.  I made their matching outfits.  Mette has a new seersucker dress and Otto has fully lined, flat front seersucker pants.  Cuter than cute.

The best picture I managed to snap while getting them to walk down the aisle.  It was a great practice run.

Otto macking it up with eric’s cousin Kristin (he is in her wedding this August).  He would follow her to the ends of the earth.  On thursday we are going to watch one of her baseball games and have dinner at her mom’s house.  He is pretty excited.

Here is where it gets good.  Mette all dressed up with hair curled (yes, I braved all my fears and took a curling iron to her hair) and in her party dress.

Getting on his penguin suit.

I love this photo.  It would be better if there wasn’t a huge light over eric’s head, but in a small hotel room you have to take what you can get!

Biding time….

Hey, Mette, what is in your hair?

Rarely do I do the whole posed photo thing, but this seemed like a good chance.  That’s me rocking my new dress I made for the wedding.  More pictures to come later of the dress….

Serious discussions about how flower girls act in a wedding.

Because I had to “catch” the kids as they came down the aisle I had a hard time getting action shots of them in the church but I will get more soon.  Here is the best I have.

Trying to hard to be quiet.

The lucky man as his soon to be bride walked in the door.

Here she comes!

In between the ceremony and reception I took the kids up to the hotel room and got them a room service dinner.  We had a picnic W style with hotdogs, french fries and a veggie platter.

This is pretty much what the kids looked like during the cocktail hour.


As I sit here at the table posting this YiaYia is working on narrowing pictures down to 200 to fit in an album so to say there are more photos would be an understatement.  As the week goes on I will add more along with other shots of the kids and grandparents on our adventures this week.

Last night eric and I celebrated seven years of marriage with an AMAZING dinner at TRU complete with personalized menus (good job eric!) and possibly the best meal I have ever had.  More on that to come as well.


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He-Looo is there anybody out there?

Forgive me for being so quiet lately. It is not in my nature.

I blame my mother.

Ok, that isn’t really fair.

I blame her for taking me shopping for my 30th birthday and helping me find my new love.

Seeing as she shamelessly set me up with eric, it makes sense she would have a hand in this too.
This pretty little baby found it’s way into my life thanks to her this past February and we have been courting ever since. It is serious. This is a committed relationship. BIG. She is wonderful to me. She purrs and never even thinks about wobbling. She has yet to jam in any way (knock on wood) She has beautiful little cubbies for all of her wonderful feet and attachments. She is such a pleasure to work with.
I love blogging and telling stories here. I love being able to look back over the past four years and remember things I otherwise would have forgotten. But it is something I do in stolen moments when children are sleeping and chores are done. That time has been taken.
Since February I have made:
New curtains for the kitchen
New curtains for the quest bathroom
Re-did the curtains in the dining room
New curtains for the living room
Made Otto three pairs of pants
Made Mette two pairs of pants
Made myself one pair of jammie pants
Two shirts for myself
pair of shoes for myself (yes, shoes!! they were a bit small but a GREAT first attempt)
Three small coin or make-up purses
I am most of the way through making pants for eric
A Darth Vador cape for Otto
plus a few other small projects and some mending
On my list of things to make is:
More shoes
A new purse for me now that I am post diapers
A dress for me for Ben and Shannon’s wedding
A dress for Mette for the same wedding
A few more jammies for everyone
A few cute shirts and skirts for me
New pillows for the couch
Seat cushion for the rocking chair
Long curtain for the basement stairs
…that is all I can think of off the top of my head, but there is for sure more.
So, I am sorry that is has been so quiet here, but I promise to get back in gear soon.
The kids are growing like weeds. Literally. I measured them yesterday and in the past month they have both grown about an inch, or more. CRAZY.
Otto has turned into the sweetest thing ever. He has manners and is kind. I think he may have been swapped in the night.
Mette, well, growth spurts do not make Mette happy. Let’s just say that. There has been A LOT of screaming from her. She seems to be a bit better these last few days, but it has been a little rough.
I will post pictures and stories soon. This post, if nothing else, is my best attempt at a good excuse.


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Friday it was 62 degrees here, by some accounts it was even closer to 70. It was glorious. After naptime the kids and I walked, all of us, without a stroller or carrying Mette, to the hardware store and Rachel’s house to make and deliver keys. We were literally skipping down the sidewalks frolicking in the warm sunshine. Upon returning home the kids played outside while I worked on making dinner in the kitchen with the door open letting in the warm breezes and the squeals of delight as the children squirted each other with water bottles. It was glorious. Visions of afternoons playing outside and windows open filled my head. I swept the deck and thought about the garden we will be starting soon.
This is the view out of the kitchen window this morning:

Spring may be a little further off.

It is after all still February, but it stings a bit more on the heels of Friday.
I decided to embrace the coming season change by making new curtains for the kitchen.
They are so bright and cheery. It helps deal with the snow. Which is quite beautiful. I’ll admit, reluctantly.
Today we are making homemade granola bars and eating marshmallows. Really, how can you not?


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