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Summer is Here!

Let’s not think about why I am up this early in the morning listening to the birds chirping outside my window and instead go to Knoebel’s.  We are so lucky to live so close to such an amazing place.  Every time we go it is just a little bit cooler.  The kids are getting older and more and more able to go on rides which makes it that much better.  This whole past week Nona Jen and baby Harry were visiting.  Since they had never been there before and Thursday was about the most perfect weather day you could imagine, it seemed like a great thing to do.
It was.
Eric was out of town for work so he unfortunately missed the first trip of the year, but that just means we will have to go more with him later in the summer.
Otto definitely remembered it all from last year, but I am not sure Mette did.  She hung back in the stroller with Harry when we first got there while Otto ran ahead eager to check everything out.  

When we made it to the Kiddie rides section Otto found one with planes with blasters.  He of course wanted to go on that.  Mette, still hesitant at this point, chose to watch from the stroller.  Despite my warnings, Otto chose to ride backwards.  I don’t think he was too down with that and wanted to get off early.  The beautiful thing about going to the big K before school lets out, you have the place to yourself.  The kids didn’t wait in a single line and often had the ride to themselves.  Getting off early is not a problem.

Next up, the cars.  Mette was swayed to ride after spotting a pink car.  She was buckled in to the pink car while Otto picked out a shiny red sports car.  Then he saw Mette and wanted to ride with her but to get to her he had to pass a tank.  Just after buckling him on the tank he said he really did want to ride with Mette,

So off they went.

And that was it.  From then on they only wanted to go on rides together.  They did everything together for the rest of the day.  It was adorable.  Picking rides, taking turns, sharing.  It was one of the days when you are so happy they have each other and you get to watch them grow up together.

Of course, a Merry-Go-Round needed to be found for Mette.  And of course, upon seeing it up close she was a bit hesitant.  Then she spotted the bench where she could ride with “her big brother” as she insisted.  Works for me.

I squeezed in and around we went.

It was a huge hit with everyone.

It was so empty, they even got the bouncy house all to themselves.  I was a little jealous over this.  That looks like a LOT of fun!!

These helicopters are really cool.  They have an arm that you pull back and it makes the helicopter go up into the air.  Otto totally remembered how to do it and was pulling the arm back before the ride even started.  I took a million pictures of this, but couldn’t get any good ones.  It is really a cool ride and they both had a great time with squeals of delight.

That is them heading up to the trees!

They didn’t even want Jen or I to go on the antique cars with them.  Together again.

 Seriously, how cute is this?


This water spray gun thing is a hit every year.  At some point they will figure out how it works, but for now they love it just the same.  Otto was getting the hang of it by the end.
 Working hard.

I am a huge Dippin’ Dots fan and have to get some every time we go to Knoebel’s.  Mette picked out Rainbow, no surprise and Otto chose Cookies and Cream.  I chose Mint Chocolate Chip, because we all now that is the best flavor.

When you are only 12 weeks old there aren’t a lot of rides for you to go on, but you do get to watch which is sometimes pretty cool.

And then your mom takes a picture of your chunk in front of the Fudge Kitchen!!

I wasn’t sure if the big Carousel was going to be too big or loud for the kids so we went to check it out and decide for ourselves.

A girl bonding with her favorite kind of ponies.  “The kind that play music and go up and down.”

We had to ride it.

Seated together of course, this time ON the ponies.

Heading back to get a little tank action.  Where does Mette sit when Otto picks the tank?  In the back seat.

Someone needs to know where we are going.
We spent about four hours at the park which was enough to exhaust us all.  Mette fell asleep in the stroller on the way to the car and I was able to transfer her to her car seat and buckle her in without her waking up.  She was a little on the tired side!  Otto even snoozed on the way home.  
The whole week was great and I will get more pictures and stories up soon, but I wanted to start with these.  It was such a great trip.
The kids should be waking up any minute now.  We have a big day ahead of us, the new bunk beds are arriving this morning!!!!

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Out we go

Into the land of the white stuff. With any luck there may not be too many (if any!) more big snow falls this season so it seemed wrong not to take the thirty minutes to bundle the kids up in snow pants, boots, jackets, mittens and hats and get out there and eat some snow. Or play in it, whatever suits your fancy. Otto is getting pretty good at getting his gear on himself which is super awesome. He can put on his snow pants and his boots and he can do the cool lay your coat on the ground, stick in your arms and flip it over your head trick. As long as I am there to keep him on task and help him do it in the right order (snow pants BEFORE snow boots, etc…) he can get ready himself. I do the mittens as that is really hard to do yourself. Mette needs me to do all of it but providing I can catch her and aren’t foolish enough to let go of her before she is geared up, she is pretty easy too. Then I just have to throw some boots and a jacket on and we are off. Do you have to pee yet? At this point one of us usually does.
Mette is old enough and big enough to get out in the snow and play this year, however with all of the snow gear it still seems a bit like she can’t really walk. A light breeze would blow her over. As a result she does not LOVE it like Otto does. But I can’t really blame her. Otto can now plow through anything all geared up.
Also, I know I am a bit biased, but seriously, is he not the handsomest kid ever?? WOW. He is going to break some hearts this boy. This mama better raise him right because I have the feeling he could and will do some serious damage.

Like I said, not entirely pleased with the whole operation.

Still very cute though.

Today was the first day we were outside in our own yard long enough to entertain the idea of a snowman. Usually we are out exploring. The snow was good snowman snow, but not awesome. I had hopes of a HUGE figure towering over the yard, but that was not in the cards today. I can’t wait until the kids start reading Calvin and Hobbes so we can have some really good snowman inspiration. Until then, this will have to do.

I was putting the scarf and hat on with Otto and turned around to find Mette without a jacket or mittens. I guess they were getting in her way so she took them off. She was cold a minute later so she headed inside for a snack. Super attentive parent that I am, I gave her a snack and headed back out with the camera to Otto and the snowman.

Since she has a pink scarf she is obviously and girl snowman. Since she is a girl she is one of two people (in the world of Otto) Princess Leia or Ashoko Tano. I suppose this snowwoman had a royal presence as she is was named Princess Leia right way. Otto did a lot of posing with her and telling me stories about their time together.
Here he is holding her hand.

And this is just to remind you, me, anyone who is reading that spring will be back and Friday was not just a dream. It is and will be a reality.
Tomorrow I will be back with stories of why Mette is now going to sleep in jammies that are zippered in every direction and why we might consider putting them on backwards!

Off to watch Top Gear with my boy.

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Our little Peanut

16% for height and 27% for weight, peanut status for sure.

Today was Mette’s 2 yr. appointment. Because she is Mette it was all roses and lollipops and laughter. She clocked it at a whopping 24 lbs. Which is the first time she has tipped the scales higher than 20.6 at the dr.’s office, so that was huge. She stands a towering 33″ high. Well, towering in her mind. Her head is a perfect 50%, but we knew that! Being as neither eric or I are giants of any measure the dr. said she looked to be right on target. When Mette entered the exam room she turned to me and said, about the nurse, “she wants to give me stickers”. yeah, she has the gig down. Be sweet and cute and they give you stickers and lollipops. She started asking about the treat shortly thereafter. She was pulling out all the stops with “may I have a treat, please?”. It was a quick answer to the “does she have 6 words?” that is part of the developmental questions you have to answer. She has six different ways of telling you she doesn’t like what you have to say, thank you very much.
She also eats better than her big brother with a fork and spoon so check there.
She mastered stairs a long time ago, check.
Potty trained, check
Knows her colors, check
can scribble, check, circles, check
can point to (and tell you all about) her ears, eyes, mouth, nose, belly and feet
undress herself, check, sigh
put clothes back on, shows NO sign of interest in that!
It was a quick visit with a lot of “yup” coming from me. I am sure there were questions I should have been asking, but I can never preform in situations like that. Normally there are not shots at 2 years, but she was sick for her 18 month appt. so she got those two today. It was no big deal. They had Hello Kitty bandaids. Need I say more?
She did a fantastic job of charming up all the nurses and old ladies in the waiting room. That girls is trouble. She is so stinking cute and sweet, until things aren’t going her way, then watch out!! Eric was always worried about her dating but he is starting to change his tune. The past few days she has been flexing her “I am 2” muscle quite a bit. She had a COMPLETE meltdown at dinner a few nights over what we think was the wrong drink being offered, but we aren’t really sure. She had to be removed from the kitchen and stood in the dining room yelling “I screaming!” just in case we weren’t sure. Eric thought perhaps we should just video tape it and when possible dates came by show then the video and casually mention, “hope you picked a good restaurant…”. I think it might work very well.
I suppose I should be gushing about my BABY and how she is growing up so fast, but that just doesn’t feel right. I love to hold and snuggle teeny tiny little creatures, don’t get me wrong, but I really love little KIDS. The kind you can talk to, and believe in some magical world that you are reasoning with. Kids who tell you stories, and have opinions. Even if sometimes those opinions seem like they will take over your life. Right now Mette and Otto play together all the time. It is amazing. Having them so close in age is paying off big time right now. I am sure that won’t always be the case so I am trying to be thankful for each day we have.
Besides, weighing a whopping 24 pounds, I can still sling her up on my hip like it is nothing, making her still seem like my little baby.


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I knew we were related when she kicked me in the head

It’s that time of year. Time for colds, runny noses, coughs and the dreaded stomach flu. Since having children, well since Otto was almost 2, we have had a bad case of the throw-ups every winter. This year I am very thankful that it didn’t cause me to go into labor early (or that i am not pregnant for that matter) and that we didn’t wake up in the middle of the night before Christmas to sick children and mommy.

Last night around 10, just as we were thinking of heading up to bed, over the monitor i heard the dreaded strange cough and whimper combo that means a child has thrown up. I went up to check on Mette and the smell as i entered the room confirmed my fears. I carefully removed Mette from her bed and carried her to the bathroom and drew a bath. Eric came up and started stripping sheets and starting what we knew would be a night of laundry.

Mette was beyond sweet and charming. She cheerfully told me how good the bath felt and how much she loved me. After a goos scrub and some potty trips we had her back in clean jammies and ready for bed again. Always trying to learn from the past we thought it would be smart to prepare for otto to get sick soon since when one goes, usually the other is just behind. It was decided that Mette and i would sleep in our bed covered in towels and eric would pull out the sleeper sofa in the library and get that ready with towels and wait for Otto. Mette was wide awake at this point so we brought up a laptop and she and i had a little movie hour in our bed. I finally convinced her to go to sleep 30 minutes later. It was then, laying in my bed about to fall off the side because mette insists on sleeping sideways and kicking you in the head that i started to reflect on the situation. While no one likes being sick, stomach flus are in the grand scheme of things not that bad. Especially since at this point eric and i have not gotten sick (though i am sure it is coming), not being sick while taking care of kids makes it so much easier. It is also nice to know that Mette prefers sleeping in beds the proper way, sideways taking up as much room as possible.

Sure enough, two hours later Otto was sick. Luckily we were prepared. I don’t really think any of us got any sleep last night but we are making up for that by spending today in bed watching movies and snuggling.

The biggest bummer about all of this, we had a babysitter lined up for tonight and were planning on a super fun feast with good friends. We will reschedule, but i was really looking forward to it.

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Less Talky, More Showy

In response to eric’s comment about all the chatter and no photos, I will provide only limited captions here. What follows are some highlights of 2011, so far.
Mette found a pair of flip flops she got a gift and insisted on wearing them around the house. The photo is blurry because she DOES NOT STOP MOVING EVER some days. She is also sporting her outfit of choice, undershirt and undies. It works well with the flip flops, very summery. The only draw back being our house is a very chilly 66 degrees, which does not seem to phase her at all.

I could do an entire post of photos taken at Otto’s request of him posing with Star Wars toys.
Before we headed off to Philly last weekend I deep cleaned the house so it would be nice when we returned. This included clean sheets for everyone’s beds. The kids hear me putting clean sheets on our bed and they come out of the wood work to roll around on the bed and mess it up.

The sheets by the way were a Christmas gift from me to eric. He is always cold so I broke down and got flannel sheets (I was worried I would be too hot) for the bed. They are actually really great. I made the duvet cover out of a flat sheet from another set and the flat sheet from this set. It is white cotton on one side and the snowflake flannel on the other. It is very cute and a simple winter pattern.

While wondering the Alice in Wonderland exhibit at the Please Touch Museum Otto was on the look out for Alice.
He was so excited when he found her. He wanted to stay and hang out with her for a while.
Otto REALLY, REALLY loves dress-up. He goes through about 6 outfit changes everyday as he imagines he is someone else. Vests for Han Solo, cape (hooded towel) for Jedi Master, cooking apron for Darth Vader, drivers suit for race car driver or astronaut and countless others. I spend the majority of my daily mental power remembering who he and Mette are at any given moment.

He was the only kid there who was putting on the gear and he had it all on, the shirt, the goggles, the gloves and the tool belt.
Mette found a small space with a bed and needed to pretend to be sleeping and waking up for a long time!
Getting Otto out of this outfit was much harder than getting him in it.


The very serious scientist.

Mette had a great time at the baby shower but the highlight was likely the chocolate covered oreo I let her eat in a total bribe to keep her in the highchair longer.
This year is off to a good start.

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Washing Chewbacca

We bathe our children in our bathroom because we have a huge wonderful old tub in a room where every wall is covered in tile almost five feet up. It is perfect for splashing and sudsing. They take a bath together every night and despite the fact that they have plenty of room to spread out, they usually sit touching knees or backs the whole time. They really love taking baths together and the being right next to each other rarely ends in tears. I am touching everything wood while I write this. In fact they have started playing together a lot lately. They make up games and chase each other squealing with delight. It is the greatest thing ever.

Otto is obsessed with STAR WARS lately. He hasn’t seen the movie but he has some of my brothers old 12″ figures and lots of plot stories from Eric. He has given it his own twist, fx. in his role playing c3po and the stormtroopers are friends. Today I over heard this conversation while Luke and Obi-wan were chasing each other.

Obi-wan(mette)- Oh no, my light saber is broken
Luke(Otto)- that’s ok, I can fix it
Luke fixes K-Nex homemade light saber we now all carry
Obi-wan- thanks Luke

Running like crazy people continues

They are too much sometimes.

Last night in the bath Obi-wan (who is now Otto, you have to stay on your toes with the roll playing and who is who though Otto is quick to correct you) wanted to give Chewbacca (mette) a bath. Washing Otto every night is often a challenge as having water poured on him is more sensory input then he can often handle, Mette does not have this problem. I told him it was fine as long as Mette liked it.

She LOVED it.

She let him pour repeated bowls of water on her until she was soaked and laughing!

Even when the whole was dumped on her face, she was cool. I love how you can see Otto, I’m sorry, Obi-wan’s, tongue sticking out and a hint of the huge smile he had showing he was loving this too.

He then asked Chewie to stick out her tongue so her could make a waterfall.

She kindly obliged.

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Last week we had an amazing visit from Papou who flew out from Chicago. On his way here he brought with him a rather unusual co-pilot. A 53″ bear for Mette. It was pretty exciting picking him up at the airport. Mette calls the bear “Papou Bear” and both kids seem to really love tackling him. If it takes some of the pressure off them always wanting to tackle eric and I, I am all for it!

While Papou was visiting we went to see the home opener for the mens soccer at Bucnell. Ever since the World Cup this summer Otto has been a bit obsessed with soccer. All he wants to wear are soccer jerseys. On eric’s last visit to New York I made him pick up a few more since him only having one was making the pressure on laundry a bit intense for me. He now has three but since he wears the 24/7 I still need to be on my “A” game. He will only wear pants he deems soccer pants as well. Luckily he has a few jammy pants and sweats with stripes on the side which we have been able to convince him are soccer pants. We have been waiting for the season to start so we could take him to a game and it proved to be quite a good idea. Both kids we transfixed and seem to like all the excitement. Otto wore his Netherlands jersey which happens to look like the Bucknell home jersey so he fit right in. About 30 seconds before the end of the first half Bucknell scored the first goal of the season. Otto went nuts. Crazy. It was show stopping. He immediately took off his jersey and starting running up and down the side lines shouting “GOAL!!!!”. The undergrad girls who were watching thought it was the cutest thing they had ever seen. He could have had his pick of girls. Bucky Bison came over go give him a high five, it was possibly one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Of course we didn’t have a camera and were laughing far too hard to capture anything anyway so you will just have to imagine it for yourself. Needless to say, the game was a big hit and we will be going to many more. In fact, just a few nights ago we went to a girls soccer game and this morning we went to a men’s water polo game. Both kids seem to really love watching the games. I think it will open up a great range of activities during the winter months when it becomes hard to find things to do on weekends or evenings.

Otto is so into soccer right now we signed him up for Soccer Shots. Every Monday night starting next week he will have soccer class. It sounds like good program where the kids have fun and get to learn some soccer skills while they are at it. Regardless, watching a group of 3-4 year olds play soccer should be good entertainment. Just wait until Otto’s new soccer shoes arrive soon, he won’t want to take them off either!

In addition to Papou being here last week, eric’s brother, Uncle Matt came for the weekend. Everyone should have an Uncle Matt. He is amazing. The kids adore him and he is so wonderful with them. How he manages to have the energy to chase and play with them amazes me. When he has children someday we will have some serious make-up childcare duties to fulfill!

Otto and Uncle Matt were playing soccer in the back yard. You can see he scored a goal since he has taken off his shirt and is running around yelling.

While Matt and Papou were here we went to the cabin. Watkin’s Glen was hosting a Ferrari weekend and we had to go! Otto went exploring in the back of Matt’s car and found hockey gloves.

One night while we were cleaning up from dinner I gave the kids a plate of watermelon and sent them out to the porch steps so my mom and I could do the dishes. It worked amazingly well, they sat there for a while talking to each other and eating watermelon. It was so cute.

We went to the track for the day on Saturday to check out all the new Ferrari’s. Otto decided that this would be a good time to take up posing for the camera.

Here we are all watching a race. Apparently Matt is the only one who knew Papou was taking a picture 🙂

Somehow every time we go to Watkins Glen, despite us telling him it won’t happen this time, Otto gets to sit in a race car. This time some Italian driver picked him up and put him in his 430. He was so excited and kept saying, “see mom, I told you I could sit in a race car”. Thanks Mr. Italian Racecar Driver.

We were also some of the first people in the States to see the new Ferrari Italia. Lucky for us it didn’t burst into flames.

It is easy to see we had an excellent week and visit with family. I should note that all of the pictures were kindly taken with either eric’s, matt’s or roger’s cell phones as our camera is missing in the depths of the cabin. I am so sad and annoyed about losing the camera I have not accepted it as true yet.

More to come soon, Otto starts preschool on Tuesday!!!!

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