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Our little Peanut

16% for height and 27% for weight, peanut status for sure.

Today was Mette’s 2 yr. appointment. Because she is Mette it was all roses and lollipops and laughter. She clocked it at a whopping 24 lbs. Which is the first time she has tipped the scales higher than 20.6 at the dr.’s office, so that was huge. She stands a towering 33″ high. Well, towering in her mind. Her head is a perfect 50%, but we knew that! Being as neither eric or I are giants of any measure the dr. said she looked to be right on target. When Mette entered the exam room she turned to me and said, about the nurse, “she wants to give me stickers”. yeah, she has the gig down. Be sweet and cute and they give you stickers and lollipops. She started asking about the treat shortly thereafter. She was pulling out all the stops with “may I have a treat, please?”. It was a quick answer to the “does she have 6 words?” that is part of the developmental questions you have to answer. She has six different ways of telling you she doesn’t like what you have to say, thank you very much.
She also eats better than her big brother with a fork and spoon so check there.
She mastered stairs a long time ago, check.
Potty trained, check
Knows her colors, check
can scribble, check, circles, check
can point to (and tell you all about) her ears, eyes, mouth, nose, belly and feet
undress herself, check, sigh
put clothes back on, shows NO sign of interest in that!
It was a quick visit with a lot of “yup” coming from me. I am sure there were questions I should have been asking, but I can never preform in situations like that. Normally there are not shots at 2 years, but she was sick for her 18 month appt. so she got those two today. It was no big deal. They had Hello Kitty bandaids. Need I say more?
She did a fantastic job of charming up all the nurses and old ladies in the waiting room. That girls is trouble. She is so stinking cute and sweet, until things aren’t going her way, then watch out!! Eric was always worried about her dating but he is starting to change his tune. The past few days she has been flexing her “I am 2” muscle quite a bit. She had a COMPLETE meltdown at dinner a few nights over what we think was the wrong drink being offered, but we aren’t really sure. She had to be removed from the kitchen and stood in the dining room yelling “I screaming!” just in case we weren’t sure. Eric thought perhaps we should just video tape it and when possible dates came by show then the video and casually mention, “hope you picked a good restaurant…”. I think it might work very well.
I suppose I should be gushing about my BABY and how she is growing up so fast, but that just doesn’t feel right. I love to hold and snuggle teeny tiny little creatures, don’t get me wrong, but I really love little KIDS. The kind you can talk to, and believe in some magical world that you are reasoning with. Kids who tell you stories, and have opinions. Even if sometimes those opinions seem like they will take over your life. Right now Mette and Otto play together all the time. It is amazing. Having them so close in age is paying off big time right now. I am sure that won’t always be the case so I am trying to be thankful for each day we have.
Besides, weighing a whopping 24 pounds, I can still sling her up on my hip like it is nothing, making her still seem like my little baby.


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She Bangs

Help Needed.

The time has come to address the mop that is Mette’s hair. It is always in her eyes which I feel bad about and if I pull it back half the time she takes it out right away. Plus, it is now hat season and pigtails and hats don’t really mix. My long term goal is for her to have long hair because that seems easier to deal with but it think we need some shaping and while I am not a huge bang fan, I think she needs bangs.
What do you think??? It should be said that I am the hair stylist in the house. I cut eric and Otto’s hair along with my mom’s and lately I have even started cutting my own hair. Cutting their hair and even trimming my own hair is really easy. Cutting bangs in Mette’s hair and shaping the rest will be a new challenge.
I am sure though that no matter how much she screams it can’t be worse than cutting Otto’s hair. I am grounded enough to know that it might be AS bad, but I have seen Mette loose it and I know while it may be tough, Otto still has her beat in the “freak out” ability. My hunch though is the required hair cutting lollipop will go a LONG way with her and I won’t have too much of a problem.
That being said, if you have experience with this sort of thing, please send me your advice. I am looking for all the help I can get.


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This is FUN!

On Sunday Eric only had to work a “little” (9:30-11) so after lunch we headed to Harrisburg to take the kids to the science museum. They have some fun exhibits the kids and enjoy plus the website showed they were hosting a holiday train and tree exhibit. It turned out to be a wonderful kid fun filled laid back day. I never thought i would use all those adjectives together like that, but I am, and I mean it. Both otto and mette had a wonderful time playing in the small kids section and the trains were a huge hit.
mette was having a lot of fun in the water table especially with the pink smok.

Next to the train exhibit was a small track with the kind of trains that the kids power by turning pedals with your hands. Mette was not big enough to do it herself, but since it wasn’t crowded they let Otto push her around the track. It was seriously hard to Otto to do but he muscled her around more than once. She thought it was the coolest thing ever.

We all enjoyed looking at the model trains. They had a nice display with lots of different trains styles and scenery.

The next Dr. Faden maybe be an M.D.. When one of the museum workers asked her to chech their heart she promptly put the stethoscope on the heart sticker where the ear piece meets the cord. I was pretty impressed that she figured that out.

She wanted me to take a lot of deep breathes. She was also asking where our doctor was. Considering the fact that we all got flu shots last week and mette still tells me “I was shot” I was just glad she didn’t seem traumatized. Though as usual, she didn’t shed a tear and was pretty much fine with the whole thing and it took a second nurse and me to hold down Otto while he screamed to hard he didn’t even notice the shot.

On the way home we stopped at Friendly’s for what was i am sure an all local, organic dinner. Sometimes you have to live it up! It was, not surprising, very popular. The kids were having a great time and being very good through dinner but the ice cream really made the day. The each had a scoop with sprinkles, M&Ms, whipped cream and a cherry. Let’s just say there wasn’t much taking going on and a whole lot of smiles. Mette stopped eating long enough to declare “this is FUN! Its a birthday party”. Seriously, if you can make someone that happy with some pink sprinkles and a little candy, it is hard not to do it all the time.

Another highlight to the day, despite not napping at all on schedule and having ice cream and candy after dinner, they were so whooped they were asleep before their normal bedtime.

Yeah, it was pretty much the best Sunday we have had in a long time.
how was your weekend?

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The best of intentions!

Today Mette went to the potty, pulled down her pants and pooped on the potty all by herself!! I know!! Huge hugs, smiles, high fives all around. I was busy putting away groceries which is why she took manners into her own hands. Smart girl!! I went to help her wipe when I realized that while, yes she got her pants down, she neglected to pull down her underwear!! SO close.

On a side note, I took great pleasure asking eric to go the library at school and take out White Christmas and/or Holiday Inn for me to watch at night while I am knitting and he is in Florida this week.
Speaking of knitting, I just got the most luscious skein of yarn in the mail. Just in time to turn it into a Christmas gift!

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Eric, skip this post

My dear sweet repressed husband will be horrified I not only allow this kind of behavior, but also am going to share it with you. Sorry honey, you knew what you were getting into when you married me 🙂

On to the good stuff. Now that Otto is in school every Tuesday and Thursday morning it has become girl time for mette and I. We hang out with friends, go the the grocery store, the coffee shop, the bookstore, whatever we feel like. Today I was hoping to clean their room and get some more primer on their walls. To keep mette occupied while I was painting I gave mette a brush just like mine and a basin of water to paint with. After painting three strokes she started taking off her shirt, “help me mama!!!”. Once her shirt was off she made short work of her pants and undies. “Naked painting” she proudly declared. Somehow on Tuesday she also managed to spend most of the morning naked as well. It is clearly her idea of how to spend a good morning. After painting with me for a while she wanted to take her brush and water to the third floor. Seemed like a fine idea to me so I carried them upstairs for her and that is when I took these:

The master creating

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1.5 years

For starters, I would like to say that I have no idea how Mette is a year and a half since she was just a tiny baby a few weeks ago. On that note, I don’t understand why she can’t tie her shoes herself since she seems to run the rest of the household just fine.

On Monday when I took the walking germ factories to the doctor it was actually for Mette’s 18 month appointment. It seemed a bit unfair to hide her accomplishments in a blog post about Otto learning how to take bong hits so I am adding them here. Not surprising at all, she is healthy and doing well, and tiny!! Kids are supposed to follow a curve on this chart thingy (based on white bottle fed babies in the Boston suburbs of the 1960’s, so you know, super accurate and well researched). Mette seems to be making her own curve. At her nine month check up she weighed 20.6 lbs. This Monday, she weighed 21 lbs. Normally babies gain more than < 1 lbs. in a year+ time. But not all babies go from Mette the Hutt to Miss Skinny Minny as fast as she did. Once that girl was moving all the chunk was gone. She is also on the low side for height 45%ish but that is pretty understandable considering who her parents are. Our doctor who has four kids herself and is pretty hep to kids asked "what size clothes is she wearing, she is so cute". Well let's see, the top is a 6 month t-shirt from last year and those are 12 month pants that are a bit on the big side. Yeah, she is kind of a peanut. But a really cute peanut. What she is lacking in size she makes up for in vocabulary. By 18 months they like to see 4-10 words, Mette has 4-10 words to tell you she wants a snack, and now. She doesn't stop talking. Now when she is demanding down from the table and you ask her how to ask nicely, thinking all you will get is "please" she comes back with "I want to get down……PEAS!". That's the other thing, she totally understands pronouns and uses the correctly. Otto, who also talked very early had a hard time with that while she totally gets it. Mine, yours, I, you, we, she gets it and uses them to explain just how she wants things done. Should you not understand her, or not be able to execute her desires that very second, watch out! The temper on this small one is fierce. She throws a fit and holds a grudge like nothing I have ever experienced before. In many ways it is really funny, and scary a the same time. She will grow out of that, right????

All in all we had a great visit, she passed with flying colors and managed to avoid getting shots. Since they both had colds (which seem to be almost gone, thank goodness) we decided to wait with the shots. Next week when they are both feeling better we will go back for the good stuff.

oh, and the stats, Mette is 31 inches tall and weighs 21 pounds. Her head is tiny, her vocabulary, large. At eighteen months I can now say she sleeps through the night and is weaned, both a miracle as far as I am concerned!

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I am breaking the silence here and I really hope I don’t regret it. Mette has slept through the entire night for the last THREE nights! Bed at 8 and up around 6:30. It is glorious though it has left the two of us a bit zombie like during the day. Keeping her awake until nap time has proven to a difficult task though it did pay well yesterday. I kept her awake until noon and she then slept for three hours. I am sure that won’t happen everyday but it was a nice break. It only took 18 months, but she seems to have figured this whole thing out. Even better the students are starting to return this weekend which means a healthy crop of babysitters. With the kids going to bed AND sleeping, I actually think Eric and I could go on dates. Crazy!!! The idea of that is so exciting I even have someone coming Sunday morning for a meet and greet with us and the kids.

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