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Break ’em like race horses

This morning we took the kids for their first real trip to the YMCA.  This time we weren’t just there to fill our paperwork, we were there to swim.  There is a family swim time on Saturday mornings so we packed up swim suits, towels, goggles, extra clothes and whatever else we could find and headed over.  The pool was a big success.  Otto was a bit timid at first.  The pool doesn’t really have a shallow end where he can stand so it took him a while to warm up.   But he did and once he was feeling comfortable, he had a blast.  It just shows that taking him to the pool more over the winter will be good to keep him swimming.  I don’t want him to regress on all of the amazing progress we made last summer.  Keeping him in the water will help with that I am sure.  Mette had a blast too, of course, our resident fish.  She is signed up for swim classes starting on Wednesday and Otto has Trampolining on Mondays.  Should be a lot of fun.


In the locker room today I went to dry my hair and Mette who usually runs in fear from the sound of the hair dryer came up and wanted her hair dried.  Then once she was done, she found a hair dryer (they have banks of them there for you to use, and a really nice straightener!!) that was low enough for her and turned it on and was drying some more!!!  Tonight after her bath she asked if I could dry her hair.  We have entered a new phase.  Otto seeing Mette getting her hair done needed his too!  Luckily his take about 30 seconds.  Too funny those kids.


We came home for lunch and then since it was a sunny and fairly warm day, we decided to head out again.  This time to a BIG PARK.  We took the kids to the Princess Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens.  It was awesome.  How could it not be??  It is a quick bus ride away.  The bus picks us up across the street from our flat, takes us to the park gates and drops us off just around the corner from the flat.  (our street is one way so pick up and drop off can’t be in the same place)


I should say we did an amazing job of tiring out the kids today, so much so that eric and I are both completely beat too.  I will share some photos quickly and then I am going to sign off.


Well, there is one other funny thing.  Mette wiped from the pool fell asleep on the way to the park while being carried.  She was dead asleep in eric’s arms when we reached the park gates.  We were joking with Otto about how there was a fence around the park and how were we going to get in, when she popped her head up and said “we could jump over it, like kangaroos!!!”  Just when you think she is out…. she fools you once again!



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Mother’s Day

I have a backlog of about a million blog posts that I have been wanting to get to but haven’t had time (really sorry about that) but I had to share one quick story on Mother’s Day.

Today, eric was extra kind and let me sleep in, despite Mette getting up at 5:30. He even brought me breakfast in bed at a much more humane hour. I was still snuggled in bed with my coffee when Mette came bounding into our room.
She came running up to me and said “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!!!”
How cute, I thought, eric must have sent her up. Then she got all excited and said, “I have a special present for you” With this, she attempted to climb on the bed to show me her “special present”.
Special is one way to describe it. In her hand was the instruction manual for Otto’s new booster seat, proving she this was a mission of her own design. She was so excited to give it to me. She snuggled into the bed next to me and asked me to read it to her.
So I did. We made it five whole pages before she lost interest.
I am guessing it is going to take a long time before any gift tops that one!
Hoping you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, or just plain great Sunday.
I now have my dress for the wedding made and eric is finally done teaching and final projects have been delivered. Let the blogging begin again. Including pictures of my dress which is awesome!!!

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Me too

After a month long winter break otto goes back to preschool tomorrow. His teacher sent a postcard saying they would be studying animals and he was to bring in a favorite stuffed animal. We have been talking about who would make the trip to school for the big day. At first Baby Alligator was the chosen one, but after careful consideration it was decided that he is too special to take to school and should instead stay home and guard Otto’s bed with Blankie. Otto has a small stuffed bat who became very popular after there was a real live bat flying around in the living room this past fall. He seemed to be the strong second choice.

Today i was getting things ready for school tomorrow and i asked Otto if he still was sure he wanted to take Batty. He agreed that was his first choice. He seems very excited to get back to school and see his friends which is really great. We haven’t been out of the house much lately in our failed attempt to not get sick and the kids have turned into quite the home bodies. It was pretty hard to get them out the door to CVS this morning. I was a bit worried otto wouldn’t be excited about school and would resist going in the morning.

What I wasn’t anticipating was when i asked Otto if he was still set on taking Batty, Mette responded with “I am going to school too and I am taking baby crocodile.” Not only is she not going to school tomorrow but we don’t have a baby crocodile. I think we are going to have to have a girls date at Cherry Alley for hot chocolate after we drop off Otto tomorrow if i am ever going to get her out of there. She usually wants to stay, I can’t blame her, it does look like a lot of fun, but she really is set on the fact that tomorrow she is going too.

****And just for a good family update, eric fell hard as victim to the stomach flu tonight and from the sounds of it, I am RRALLY hoping this passes me by!*****

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She would be so cool in middle school

Tonight in the bath:

Otto: Mette, what kind of creature is Yoda?

Mette: uhmmmm, a Jedi Master.

Keep in mind she will not be two until Feb..

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This is FUN!

On Sunday Eric only had to work a “little” (9:30-11) so after lunch we headed to Harrisburg to take the kids to the science museum. They have some fun exhibits the kids and enjoy plus the website showed they were hosting a holiday train and tree exhibit. It turned out to be a wonderful kid fun filled laid back day. I never thought i would use all those adjectives together like that, but I am, and I mean it. Both otto and mette had a wonderful time playing in the small kids section and the trains were a huge hit.
mette was having a lot of fun in the water table especially with the pink smok.

Next to the train exhibit was a small track with the kind of trains that the kids power by turning pedals with your hands. Mette was not big enough to do it herself, but since it wasn’t crowded they let Otto push her around the track. It was seriously hard to Otto to do but he muscled her around more than once. She thought it was the coolest thing ever.

We all enjoyed looking at the model trains. They had a nice display with lots of different trains styles and scenery.

The next Dr. Faden maybe be an M.D.. When one of the museum workers asked her to chech their heart she promptly put the stethoscope on the heart sticker where the ear piece meets the cord. I was pretty impressed that she figured that out.

She wanted me to take a lot of deep breathes. She was also asking where our doctor was. Considering the fact that we all got flu shots last week and mette still tells me “I was shot” I was just glad she didn’t seem traumatized. Though as usual, she didn’t shed a tear and was pretty much fine with the whole thing and it took a second nurse and me to hold down Otto while he screamed to hard he didn’t even notice the shot.

On the way home we stopped at Friendly’s for what was i am sure an all local, organic dinner. Sometimes you have to live it up! It was, not surprising, very popular. The kids were having a great time and being very good through dinner but the ice cream really made the day. The each had a scoop with sprinkles, M&Ms, whipped cream and a cherry. Let’s just say there wasn’t much taking going on and a whole lot of smiles. Mette stopped eating long enough to declare “this is FUN! Its a birthday party”. Seriously, if you can make someone that happy with some pink sprinkles and a little candy, it is hard not to do it all the time.

Another highlight to the day, despite not napping at all on schedule and having ice cream and candy after dinner, they were so whooped they were asleep before their normal bedtime.

Yeah, it was pretty much the best Sunday we have had in a long time.
how was your weekend?

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Washing Chewbacca

We bathe our children in our bathroom because we have a huge wonderful old tub in a room where every wall is covered in tile almost five feet up. It is perfect for splashing and sudsing. They take a bath together every night and despite the fact that they have plenty of room to spread out, they usually sit touching knees or backs the whole time. They really love taking baths together and the being right next to each other rarely ends in tears. I am touching everything wood while I write this. In fact they have started playing together a lot lately. They make up games and chase each other squealing with delight. It is the greatest thing ever.

Otto is obsessed with STAR WARS lately. He hasn’t seen the movie but he has some of my brothers old 12″ figures and lots of plot stories from Eric. He has given it his own twist, fx. in his role playing c3po and the stormtroopers are friends. Today I over heard this conversation while Luke and Obi-wan were chasing each other.

Obi-wan(mette)- Oh no, my light saber is broken
Luke(Otto)- that’s ok, I can fix it
Luke fixes K-Nex homemade light saber we now all carry
Obi-wan- thanks Luke

Running like crazy people continues

They are too much sometimes.

Last night in the bath Obi-wan (who is now Otto, you have to stay on your toes with the roll playing and who is who though Otto is quick to correct you) wanted to give Chewbacca (mette) a bath. Washing Otto every night is often a challenge as having water poured on him is more sensory input then he can often handle, Mette does not have this problem. I told him it was fine as long as Mette liked it.

She LOVED it.

She let him pour repeated bowls of water on her until she was soaked and laughing!

Even when the whole was dumped on her face, she was cool. I love how you can see Otto, I’m sorry, Obi-wan’s, tongue sticking out and a hint of the huge smile he had showing he was loving this too.

He then asked Chewie to stick out her tongue so her could make a waterfall.

She kindly obliged.

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Halloween photos

Are coming soon. Things have been a bit crazy here and I have fallen behind in the photo department. Tomorrow evening should be much more normal and I hope to get them up then. We did have a weekend of much spooky treats.

Saturday our town holds the adorable small town event that you would think just happens in the movies. There were cupcakes, candy, costume contests and a parade.

Otto found one of his friends in here Ariel costume. They walked the entire parade holding hands. It was beyond cute.

We participated in all of it, to varying degrees. Mette took a snooze through some of it.

On Sunday we went to a neighbor’s pre-game Halloween party. We managed to get some food in both of the kids before we went out hunting for candy. We also discovered that Mette loves wings. “I like chicken. Eat it self”. Give that girl a chicken wing (dill pickle flavored no less) and she is quite happy and quiet. She cleaned two down to the bone in no time.
The kids had a great time trick-or-treating. Mette refused all costumes saying they were too small but wore her bone jammies from Ben and Shannon and was quite cute. They both were happy to come home and hand out candy as well which was fine with eric and I too! Halloween is exhausting.

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