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Color Theory

As in, in theory this will work.

But I am not so sure.

I am reluctant to admit that despite how long it took to get to this stage, even if things don’t work out, the process is beautiful.

I decided it would be fun to make rock candy with Otto for him to give to his classmates for Halloween.  I may not have thought the whole process through all the way.  But, here we are.  And, it is beautiful.  So the results are lacking, but the whole process should take a week so we will check back in later with more reports.  If it works I will share a link to the recipe, but let’s see how this goes first.

Have I mentioned that Mette will now only nap in the stroller?  She falls asleep on the way home from dropping Otto off at school and, if the weather is nice I just leave her at the back door.  It’s not weird, it’s Scandinavian.  Just getting her ready for Denmark!!:)  She sleeps right through me carrying the stroller into the living room as well.  In fact it is quite a lovely set up we have going.  Speaking of set up, let’s hope the sugar crystals start to set up, because while it is beautiful, I would like something other than a whole ton of jam jars of intense sugar syrup to show for my efforts.

I’ll keep you posted….



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When they don’t sleep…

To be fair, it is only Mette who isn’t sleeping. Otto is still a champ in that department. Mette is still holding strong with the whole “I don’t take naps anymore” routine, so we are countering with the “we will run you ragged and you WILL sleep” approach.
These first two photos are actually from a few weeks ago, but they are too cute not to add.

To start, Mette has taken to falling asleep in the shopping cart at the grocery store. One moment we are cruising the produce aisle and she is chatting away, the next she is bobbing her head and coming darn close to creaming into the handle with her head.

From now on, car carts are the way to go. Luckily they both LOVE them!!
We are fortunate to have a University which kindly supplies us with a Field House where we can take the kids and run them hard regardless of the weather outside. Racquet ball courts are fantastic for kids. They can hit the ball anywhere they want and not break anything and there is a door to keep them in. Genius!

Like I said about the door…. Remember to close it all the way!

Otto is actually getting much better at hitting the ball back to eric. All of the sudden he started making contact with the ball.

Power Shot

Mette ran in circles for a long time, then decided to rummage through my bag and found the tissues. Tissues are like empty boxes, hours of fascination.
While it is at times tempting, I promise we don’t just line them up and beam them with frisbees.
Otto is getting pretty good at throwing the frisbee. Catching it is still a bit scary, but he gets some great throws in.
So much that he was all sweaty and had to relax with some water.
Better check out your knees. Otto falls full speed on his knees all day long. They are one big bruise. It hurts just thinking about it.
Today was crazy beautiful. We were outside from 11:45 this morning on.
We had lunch at a place just outside of town with lots of room for the kids to play and explore after lunch.

Today was one of those crazy light spilling from the sky, every tree and flower is blooming isn’t life amazing kind of days.

Complete with bunnies

and chickens.

To top it all off, I took Mette to the doctor so they could tell me I was paranoid and crazy but yes, they could look in her ears again. Wouldn’t you know she has a double ear infection!!! Now they are putting her on an old school medicine for 20(!) days three times a day. Aren’t you jealous. The appointment with the ENT can’t some soon enough.


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Driving Me Crazy!

What do you do when you are stressed? Some drink, run, scream, we all have our escapes. I usually clean. There are worse ways of dealing with stress I realize though admitting it like this does make it sound really lame so “housewifey” which, eewww, I am just not!!! Well I am, I guess, but I never think of myself as a housewife. More like ruler of our small world. It has a much better ring to it. Today I went through half a jar of Bon Ami, a large handful of toothpicks (what, you don’t clean with toothpicks?) destroyed a sponge, and have much less skin on my hands. My stove however is sparkling. So much so that now I really need to clean the cabinet doors and mop the floor. No worries, I am sure my motivation for that will wake up any minute now.
The kids have had some good days lately, really good days, but wow, there have been some tough moments too. Like today when Otto was screaming so loud in the car I was afraid someone would call child services. We had the windows up. He was screaming because when he screams I refuse to engage him and he wanted me to talk to him. It didn’t get better for almost and hour after we got home. Hence the very clean stove.
When they haven’t been destroying my last nerves, they have been complete angels. I am not kidding,

They choose to sit like this. The camera just happened to be close by so I caught it.

This too is not posed.
That is Mette dancing in the background.
Otto has really been wanting to take pictures lately. He is getting really good at lining up his subject. He took this photo and I have not cropped or edited it at all!

During most of this drama, Mette has been very sweet. Today she wanted to keep me company while I cleaned and sang songs to me. Then she curled up on the floor. I just thought she was being cute. On closer inspection….

She had fallen asleep. It was close to nap time, but still. This is the kitchen floor and she was talking to me just a second ago!

Thank goodness it is Friday is all I have to say. Not only that, grandparents are coming down from the cabin tomorrow so Eric and I can go on a real date!!! I am so excited. Are we there yet?

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1.5 years

For starters, I would like to say that I have no idea how Mette is a year and a half since she was just a tiny baby a few weeks ago. On that note, I don’t understand why she can’t tie her shoes herself since she seems to run the rest of the household just fine.

On Monday when I took the walking germ factories to the doctor it was actually for Mette’s 18 month appointment. It seemed a bit unfair to hide her accomplishments in a blog post about Otto learning how to take bong hits so I am adding them here. Not surprising at all, she is healthy and doing well, and tiny!! Kids are supposed to follow a curve on this chart thingy (based on white bottle fed babies in the Boston suburbs of the 1960’s, so you know, super accurate and well researched). Mette seems to be making her own curve. At her nine month check up she weighed 20.6 lbs. This Monday, she weighed 21 lbs. Normally babies gain more than < 1 lbs. in a year+ time. But not all babies go from Mette the Hutt to Miss Skinny Minny as fast as she did. Once that girl was moving all the chunk was gone. She is also on the low side for height 45%ish but that is pretty understandable considering who her parents are. Our doctor who has four kids herself and is pretty hep to kids asked "what size clothes is she wearing, she is so cute". Well let's see, the top is a 6 month t-shirt from last year and those are 12 month pants that are a bit on the big side. Yeah, she is kind of a peanut. But a really cute peanut. What she is lacking in size she makes up for in vocabulary. By 18 months they like to see 4-10 words, Mette has 4-10 words to tell you she wants a snack, and now. She doesn't stop talking. Now when she is demanding down from the table and you ask her how to ask nicely, thinking all you will get is "please" she comes back with "I want to get down……PEAS!". That's the other thing, she totally understands pronouns and uses the correctly. Otto, who also talked very early had a hard time with that while she totally gets it. Mine, yours, I, you, we, she gets it and uses them to explain just how she wants things done. Should you not understand her, or not be able to execute her desires that very second, watch out! The temper on this small one is fierce. She throws a fit and holds a grudge like nothing I have ever experienced before. In many ways it is really funny, and scary a the same time. She will grow out of that, right????

All in all we had a great visit, she passed with flying colors and managed to avoid getting shots. Since they both had colds (which seem to be almost gone, thank goodness) we decided to wait with the shots. Next week when they are both feeling better we will go back for the good stuff.

oh, and the stats, Mette is 31 inches tall and weighs 21 pounds. Her head is tiny, her vocabulary, large. At eighteen months I can now say she sleeps through the night and is weaned, both a miracle as far as I am concerned!

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I am breaking the silence here and I really hope I don’t regret it. Mette has slept through the entire night for the last THREE nights! Bed at 8 and up around 6:30. It is glorious though it has left the two of us a bit zombie like during the day. Keeping her awake until nap time has proven to a difficult task though it did pay well yesterday. I kept her awake until noon and she then slept for three hours. I am sure that won’t happen everyday but it was a nice break. It only took 18 months, but she seems to have figured this whole thing out. Even better the students are starting to return this weekend which means a healthy crop of babysitters. With the kids going to bed AND sleeping, I actually think Eric and I could go on dates. Crazy!!! The idea of that is so exciting I even have someone coming Sunday morning for a meet and greet with us and the kids.

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my Mun-Key

During our recent trip to visit family in Chicago Mette fell in love, big time. It all started innocently enough, a small crush you might say. One day after waking up from her nap she looked up to the top of the bookcase in the room where we stay and saw a stuffed mama gorilla holding a baby gorilla. Mun-key, Mun-Key she shouted full of glee. It took me a while to see what she was looking at, but once I saw the stuffed animal I got it. While there are many things that are off limits to little person’s hands when visiting grandparent’s houses, a stuffed animal in the room where we stay seemed like it might be ok for her to play with. I got it down for her and she held on to it the whole way downstairs while proclaiming Mun-key!!! I checked with the powers that be, namely Yiayia and Papou and it was determined that the mun-key could stay with the girl. Good thing because it would have been a tearful break-up I’m afraid. Since that afternoon when she is getting tired or you speak of bed instead of just asking for Bibi (her word for her blankie which sounds an awful lot like baby, which means doll, which is very confusing) she also asks for Mun-Key. Every time we sit down to nurse before bed she holds her Bibi and now she needs Mun-Key as well. It is starting to get a bit crowded in the glider chair.

Really though, how can you resist something as cute as this?

Welcome to the family Mun-Key, I have a feeling you are here to stay.

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Ahead of the curve

One could say that our town is SUPER patriotic and can’t wait for the actual 4th of July, or that June is just a cheaper month to book fireworks, bands and fire engines. Whatever the reason, this past weekend was the big 4th here in the burg. Once you get used to celebrating early it isn’t a big deal. Plus, if you plan well like we did this year, you can do it twice! Friday night was the fireworks here in town. We are lucky enough to have a house where you can see them from the second story windows. You miss a little of the low action, but there are no bugs, no crowds and it is nice and cool. This was the first year Otto has been old enough to stay up. He was very excited. We started out in the library but soon moved to our bed for a better view. Eric has some audio of the whole experience I will get him to share. Otto didn’t stop talking the whole time, he was so excited. He stayed up until 10 which is really late for him since he is normally asleep no later than 8:30. He did well staying up late, we could have done without him waking up at 5:55 the next morning. That wouldn’t have been as bad if Mette hadn’t been up from 2:30 until almost 5 talking in complete sentences, telling us the names of all the animals she knows, the sounds they make and demanding food. She drank and entire container of yogurt before we finally got her back to sleep. But on to more fun stuff… like the boy watching his first fireworks.

Saturday morning is the parade. It is a HUGE parade with every band anywhere close to here marching in it along with many, many local floats and cars. There is much candy thrown for the kids and limited shady spots so we, along with many others, go out on Friday night and put out chairs. For the past three years we have scored a nice spot in the shade very close to the house. I think one of the reasons Otto woke up so early was he was really excited to go to the parade. I can’t blame him, it is a lot of fun.

Waiting for it all to begin….
Just the people watching before anything really started was fun for them.
With the closed off streets they get to run around which helps pass the time.
There are big old planes that fly over head and Mette was sure to point them out to everyone. Not that you could miss them, they are VERY loud.
Otto was concerned that if you didn’t eat all the candy as it was thrown to you, it would go away. We managed to convince him he could take it home, but some had to be taste tested. Of course.
It took Mette a while to figure out that what people were throwing was candy, but once she did, she was ON it!

Sitting back relaxing waiting for more candy.

The girl and her daddy.

Too cute!

Daddy with the fancy shots.

Just because the day wasn’t exciting enough, after naptime we went downtown for the opening of the new bookstore. It is in the building where my old restaurant was which is a bit sentimental for me I will admit. My restaurant was one of three businesses that made up what is now the first floor of the bookstore. It was originally one big hardware store and later made into three smaller units so this is actually taking the building back towards it’s original purpose. Originally it did not have the large atrium, but it looks amazing. Complete with a skylight and natural light flooding the main level. You can also see the first escalator in our county in the back. Trust me, that has been the talk of the town for months! While anything that isn’t the ever charming Bleu Plate Cafe will always be a bit sad, I have to admit that I couldn’t have asked for it to turn into a cleaner brighter space. And one where people will be in and out of all day long. Much better this than a lawyer’s office which can happen here on Market Street sadly. I have a lot more pictures of the bookstore but I am saving them for a separate post. They really did a great job of maintaining the integrity of what I consider to be one of the best buildings downtown. I realize I might be biased but it really is an anchor to the town. There were many mixed emotions about bringing a big (the bookstore is now run by Barnes and Noble) store to our independent downtown, but as a former small business owner, I think this will only do good things for the town. In fact just last night we went for a walk with the kids after dinner and it was so much fun to have a place that was open where we could browse around and kill some time. There were lots more people out walking than we normally see, lets hope this helps bring more traffic downtown.

Here is a photo of Mette and I standing where booth #6 was. For those who remember the Bleu Plate, you will know how important the booths were.
Added bonus, I am sporting a new dress made by me. Pretty cute huh!


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