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Pesto Pasta

What have I been feeding my children?  Every night I smear their chests and backs with eucalyptus and chamomile rub to help soothe their nighttime coughs.  And every night as soon as the oil makes contact with their smooth skin they giggle and say “I smell like pest pasta.”


I can not for the life of me figure out why they think it smells like pesto pasta, but it is very charming how much it makes them giggle.  Otto’s cold is really on it’s way out.  A few coughs here and there, but mostly fine.  Mette has had me toy with the idea of taking her to the dr. every day.  And every day she is just not quite there yet.  She is happy and cheerful and not at all “sick.”  She has had a few fevers, but they were never that high and went away quickly.  She has a nasty sounding cough, but when have my kids ever been sick and not had a cough??  They are Storb’s after all.  Having colds linger in our chests is just something we do.  It goes along with our poor communication skills and grumpiness.  Not that I am ever grumpy….


So, we have been taking it easy here.  Small trips here and there, but a lot of coloring, legos and tea parties.  We did make a second voyage out to the Unpackaged store.  I love that store so much.  This time I bought whole wheat flour, quinoa, brown basmati rice, unsulphored apricots, dried apples, strawberry jam (i even brought an empty almond butter jar to put it in!!!) bay leaves, apples and the best pears ever.  Everything is organic and wonderful.  Oh, I also picked up a delicious loaf of bread.  It all fit in my backpack as we took the bus back home.  It was a beautiful sunny day as the kids and I walked hand in hand to the bus stop exploring the sweet neighborhood where the store is located.  It was moments like that morning that make you remember why you decided to pack up your whole family, leave behind your wonderful home and darling kitties to spend half a year exploring a new city.


It has been nice having  a few slow days to just hang, but I am getting a little twitchy.  I can’t paint any walls or trim here, if I was home I would have at least touched up some trim home these past few days.  There isn’t really furniture to rearrange.  I don’t have a sewing machine or material, no knitting needles….  I could use a project.  I of course have a button to sew back on and pants to hem for eric.  But they aren’t exciting projects and it is easy to put them off.  I am thinking I might try to find an embroidery project.   I really want to do one of these, but they of course aren’t available yet.  Perhaps a new knitting project.  Goodness knows I should be able to find some good yarn store here!


I will leave you with this picture.  Lately when Mette goes to sleep she asks if she can make a gunship in her bed.  She clearly is spending too much time with Otto 🙂  Basically a gunship is when you take all your covers, make a big nest in the middle of your bed and then sleep upside down.  This is usually what she looks like when I come in later to return her to the proper end of the bed and tuck her in.





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Me too

After a month long winter break otto goes back to preschool tomorrow. His teacher sent a postcard saying they would be studying animals and he was to bring in a favorite stuffed animal. We have been talking about who would make the trip to school for the big day. At first Baby Alligator was the chosen one, but after careful consideration it was decided that he is too special to take to school and should instead stay home and guard Otto’s bed with Blankie. Otto has a small stuffed bat who became very popular after there was a real live bat flying around in the living room this past fall. He seemed to be the strong second choice.

Today i was getting things ready for school tomorrow and i asked Otto if he still was sure he wanted to take Batty. He agreed that was his first choice. He seems very excited to get back to school and see his friends which is really great. We haven’t been out of the house much lately in our failed attempt to not get sick and the kids have turned into quite the home bodies. It was pretty hard to get them out the door to CVS this morning. I was a bit worried otto wouldn’t be excited about school and would resist going in the morning.

What I wasn’t anticipating was when i asked Otto if he was still set on taking Batty, Mette responded with “I am going to school too and I am taking baby crocodile.” Not only is she not going to school tomorrow but we don’t have a baby crocodile. I think we are going to have to have a girls date at Cherry Alley for hot chocolate after we drop off Otto tomorrow if i am ever going to get her out of there. She usually wants to stay, I can’t blame her, it does look like a lot of fun, but she really is set on the fact that tomorrow she is going too.

****And just for a good family update, eric fell hard as victim to the stomach flu tonight and from the sounds of it, I am RRALLY hoping this passes me by!*****

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I knew we were related when she kicked me in the head

It’s that time of year. Time for colds, runny noses, coughs and the dreaded stomach flu. Since having children, well since Otto was almost 2, we have had a bad case of the throw-ups every winter. This year I am very thankful that it didn’t cause me to go into labor early (or that i am not pregnant for that matter) and that we didn’t wake up in the middle of the night before Christmas to sick children and mommy.

Last night around 10, just as we were thinking of heading up to bed, over the monitor i heard the dreaded strange cough and whimper combo that means a child has thrown up. I went up to check on Mette and the smell as i entered the room confirmed my fears. I carefully removed Mette from her bed and carried her to the bathroom and drew a bath. Eric came up and started stripping sheets and starting what we knew would be a night of laundry.

Mette was beyond sweet and charming. She cheerfully told me how good the bath felt and how much she loved me. After a goos scrub and some potty trips we had her back in clean jammies and ready for bed again. Always trying to learn from the past we thought it would be smart to prepare for otto to get sick soon since when one goes, usually the other is just behind. It was decided that Mette and i would sleep in our bed covered in towels and eric would pull out the sleeper sofa in the library and get that ready with towels and wait for Otto. Mette was wide awake at this point so we brought up a laptop and she and i had a little movie hour in our bed. I finally convinced her to go to sleep 30 minutes later. It was then, laying in my bed about to fall off the side because mette insists on sleeping sideways and kicking you in the head that i started to reflect on the situation. While no one likes being sick, stomach flus are in the grand scheme of things not that bad. Especially since at this point eric and i have not gotten sick (though i am sure it is coming), not being sick while taking care of kids makes it so much easier. It is also nice to know that Mette prefers sleeping in beds the proper way, sideways taking up as much room as possible.

Sure enough, two hours later Otto was sick. Luckily we were prepared. I don’t really think any of us got any sleep last night but we are making up for that by spending today in bed watching movies and snuggling.

The biggest bummer about all of this, we had a babysitter lined up for tonight and were planning on a super fun feast with good friends. We will reschedule, but i was really looking forward to it.

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