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The Party

The main reason for us traveling to Chicago this weekend, besides visiting family, was to celebrate uncle Ben’s engagement to Shannon. Yiayia and Papou held a wonderful party in their back yard for the occasion. It was quite a beautiful night. As an engagement gift to the couple I made the a banner to hang at the party and future events should they desire. Tentative colors for the wedding are navy and lime green with a hint of pink.

The happy couple on the left, Eric Mette and I on the right.

Mette in her party dress, thank you Nonna Jen!

Eric, Otto, Dee (yiayia), me, Mette, Rogers (papou)
Ben, Shannon

The whole Greek clan.

Summer parties are magical.

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I have a tendency to dress members of our family in matching outfits without realizing it. Many is the time that we have gone to pick up eric at work only to notice Otto and Eric are wearing the same outfit. Apparently that skill carries over to eric’s dad too.

This was Otto and Rogers the first day we arrived here, matching shirts!

Not to be left out, Mette had on purple pants.

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Our clan is spending this holiday weekend chilling in Chicago (ca-go to Mette) with family. Uncle Ben and Shannon were treated to a great engagement party, much family fun was had and fireworks were enjoyed last night. How is you 4th treating you?

We are enjoying many early mornings (thank you central time zone) and many late nights (too much excitement to think of going to bed on time). Despite all that, there have been few meltdowns and many giggles. Today is our last day here but our first day without an agenda so it will be nice to get out and play for a bit. Eric and Rogers are currently up for a spin in Roger’s plane and when they get home it will be time to play.

There are many wonderful pictures from the weekend to share, and I will get them up soon. Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!

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Mette’s turn

She has yet to discover the water.

Until now. We weren’t sure if she was going to like it.

That was silly.

Bring it on.

Making new friends.

Addicted to summer water fun.

As you can see, it was a wonderful weekend. Sunday we got on the road early and hit IKEA for some good Scandinavia fun. The small people were fairly good on way home and seemed happy to be home.
Eric and I had a particularly romantic night with a large white cat who was so happy we were home he settled himself between us in the bed and commanded control of all covers and the ability to roll over. At one point we all three had our heads on pillows and Schmelig was stretched out clear past my knees.
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After nap time we hit the cupcake store to get some sugar to burn off at the park. Yum!

Are you surprised my kids found the water?

The ever brave and fun aunt Shannon.

A very happy boy contemplating his next move.

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The boken

6 years. Yesterday was Eric and I’s sixth wedding anniversary. We spent the weekend visiting eric’s brother Ben and fiancĂ© Shannon. A great time was had by all, especially the kids. Saturday night we had planned to go out to dinner after we got mette to sleep. I never get to go out to eat in restaurants where the ketchup doesn’t come in packets since I am always with the children so this was going to be a real treat. I was trying really hard not to get excited about it because usually something always comes up and I end up at home. Fx, we have been trying to visit here since before Christmas and only now made it. I was doing really good keeping expectations in check until Saturday when people kept mentioning it. We went to the Union Square market in the morning and I picked out lots of yummy ingredients to make dinner for Ben and Shannon since they were going to stay home with the kids. I’ll admit, I was really starting to look forward to getting out. That was my downfall. That evening I made a yummy fresh, local dinner for ben and Shannon and went about getting mette to sleep, and that is where it all fell apart. She screamed for about an hour and didn’t finally go to sleep until after the time we should have been at the restaurant. By that time i was exhausted, pissed and depressed and in no mood to go anywhere. Nothing like having a child scream in someone else’s apartment when you should be having a chance to enjoy a rare few hours away, actually away, not just down the street where locals want to talk to you all the time, to put you in a foul mood. To be entirely honest, i am still in a foul mood over it. Ugh. The the of the trip was wonderful though and I have the pictures to prove it.

Friday night we went to dinner by the river in full view of many boats and helicopters which kept the insurgents happy. Otto scored some limes from Ben and Mette even offered to pay for dinner.

Like I mentioned before we went into the city to hit up the market Saturday morning. Otto is still a bit freaked by the loud noises of trains but was quite happy with his headphones.

Mette wanted to know everyone on the trains name.

A family on the go.

Good eats at the market.

Good thing uncle Ben has money because Otto is helping himself!

The park in Union Square was also. Huge hit.

Still saying “Hi!” to everyone.

More pictures in the next post….
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Travels to KY

These pictures are a long time coming, but I am finally getting around to getting them up. Earlier this month Mette,my mom and I went to Kentucky to visit my sister who just had a baby. Mette and Otto’s first cousin, Owen. He was a total bundle of cuteness. Mette was most interested in stealing his nuks. She won’t take one herself, but if she can take it from a baby, score! Trying to gouge out his eyes in a loving way was also top of her list. While there she took great pleasure in axp. 75 trips up the un-gated stairs each day. She also seemed quite thrilled with the sleeping arrangements. She slept in bed together with my mom and I. Somehow even though she was the smallest member, she by far claimed the most real estate. I awoke more than once to find my mom and I teetering on the edges of the bed with her sprawled out in the middle. Stinker. She woke up each morning bright and early at 6:30 with a cheerful exclamation of GA!! She would then throw herself on my mom with a “graamaa” while kicking me in the face and vice versa. As far as little girls go, it was the perfect start to your day.
In addition to stealing Owen’s nuks, she managed to lay claim to bib or two….

Snugglin’ with Grandma

On the drive from the airport we passed by the town of Crittenden Ky. Special because that is my grandmother’s maiden name and we have many a famous relative from Ky. Always nice to have a town named after you family. Notice the weather outside, we managed to hit KY during a snowstorm and freezing cold weather. Not too bad for us Northerners, but everyone there was pretty freaked out!!
note: I am awaiting photo approval on more with “the baby”.

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