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All about the girl

I have been writing the blog post in my head for weeks.  It is quite witty and full of charming and clever jokes.

Where they all are now, I am not sure.  It’s too quiet here to think.

Yesterday and Today have been all about Mette.  Finally, in her mind.  For years she has been watching Otto go to preschool, soccer and Kindergarden while she has not been old enough and had to stay home.  Yesterday that all changed.  In the morning we had her first meet the teacher day for Preschool.  Knowing this was her first moment to shine she dressed for the day in a fancy flowered sundress, two necklaces, one of my chunky resin rings, a flowered headband and about 6 coats of lip gloss.  Every time I tuned my back she was layering on more.  We walked there together holding hands, talking about anything and nothing.  There are of course the moments of “she was so tiny”  “she’s my little baby.”  And she was, is.  But, she is also so ready for this.  Ready to have her own class, make her own friends.  In the 25 minutes we were there she had a tea party and tried on four dress-up outfits.  You want to make sure they have all you needs met.

We came home and hosted a Food Co-Op meeting and had lunch with friends.  A normal Tuesday morning.  After an afternoon of lounging and playing Mette finally was able to open the package of ballet tights that came from Amazon weeks ago and have been taunting her with their pinkness ever since.  We pulled her hair back into a neat litte bun and headed off to her first Creative Movement class.  Step 1 on the way to Ballet which she has only been wanting to do since she was 18 months!  Last year all she wanted from Santa was a tutu and ballet slippers.  It has been a long wait for class, but we made it.  Honestly, seeing five little girls lined up in matching shoes and tights with pink leotards is pretty amazingly cute I have to say.  Once a month parents get to come in and watch them practice so I will have more action shots later, but trust me, it’s wonderful.  She loved class and skipped the whole way home.  Which is good, because two years of build up was a lot of pressure.


This morning after dropping Otto off at the bus stop Eric walked back home so we could take Mette to her first day of Kinderfolk together.  We tried to get some photos before we left but she was too excited to stand still or make normal faces.  Eric also shot some video so we maybe can get a screen capture later for a good shot.  She waked to class and went right in when the teachers opened the door.  I said goodbye about 5 times expecting more of a reaction or even acknowledgment from her but really, she just wanted to pick a job and then get on with the crafts.  I don’t know what is worse, Otto’s tears on his first days or Mette not even flinching when I left.  I can’t wait to go pick her up and see how her day was.  I told her we could go out to lunch just us girls to celebrate her first day.

So here I am, sitting in an empty house on a Wednesday morning.  This will be my new norm.  Every Mon, Wed, and Fri mornings Mette will be at preschool and of course Otto is gone all day.  Yes, I have lists and lists of things I have to do, and things I want to do and it will be really nice to get some of those things done (though the first two things involve painting ceilings which I hate so, bleh).  Still it’s funny.

For so long my goals have been things like:

being able to pee with the door closed and no one asking me questions.

having a chance to gather my thoughts and plan without always feeling rushed.

listening to NPR without worrying about having to explain war when they start talking about it.

wanting, just once in a while, to make myself some toast and not have to share it. (done, just finished two pieces!!)

Now, it seems like I have mountains of time to do all of these things.  I know from last year when Otto was at Kinderfolk that the 2.5 hours Mette really is gone go by so quickly and having to drop off and pick up takes longer than you think it will.  But still, it is a whole new era for me.  I have quite a few knitting projects queued up as well as house projects and of course there is always cooking and cleaning but for this week at least I am not going to do any of that.  Well, I am sure I will knit, I can’t imagine not knitting, but I am not cleaning, or washing anything.  I just might rest and have some more coffee.

I am gathering photos of the past few weeks for Friday’s post.  I should say that after a few tearful mornings Otto is over the hump and LOVES school.  He has come home ecstatic every day but was still resistant in the mornings until this week.  Now he is eager to go and has a blast.  He is writing letters and sounds out things ALL THE TIME.  It’s amazing.  And the greatest feeling ever.


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