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Getting dirty






The sun!!


Finally it has come out and we are taking every minute outside that we can.  This past weekend it was still a little cool but the sun was warm.  So warm that Mette and I had a bit of a rest on a neighbor’s deck.



Once we were rested up we headed over to the community garden where we will be farming a plot this year to celebrate the arrival of spring with some ice cream and friends!IMG_5144


I took a few minute breather after lunch earlier this week to sit back and enjoy the newly budding green lawn. In a few days the trees will explode with buds and leaves and our whole view will change.  Before that happens I am attempting to repaint the pergola.  A large, but important task.


Mette, in one of her better outfits!  Perhaps here I should mention I once won clash day in second grade, without knowing it was clash day.IMG_5157

Earlier this week I asked the kids to get out forks and napkins so we could have dinner outside.  Thinking they would sit at the table.  I came outside to find them like this, siddled up to the bench, to quote Otto, “sitting like Han Solo.”  Priceless.

This my friend is why you have children.



Mette loves dirt.  LOVES it.  This was here less than half an hour before ballet yesterday.  I got her almost all scrubbed off in time but as she was walking away from me into class I noticed a mud caked elbow I missed.



Last night after dinner all the kids wanted to do was to play outside.  Give them each a squirt bottle with water and they will be happy for hours.  Mette was, once again, covered in mud.  Otto happily took on the task of spraying her cleaner!


Today was class picture day at Kinderfolk.  Mette chose her outfit and looked adorable in my mind.  On the walk to the photographers studio I tried to get some shots of her but she was having none of it.  This is the best I could manage!  I’ll post proofs when we get them later this week!

IMG_5179 IMG_5180


It has been down right hot here the past few days but I think tomorrow will start some cooler weather.  The trees are on the verge of popping and the whole town is exploding with color.  It’s lovely!



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